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Another YEAR!!

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Well I have marked my 9th Anniversary much like I do a Birthday, as just another day in the life. It is becoming clear to me that keeping things real and honest are two things that keep me living in the moment of my life. I have truly learned to live with my expectations as my own and not put them on others.
I am truly blessed to be doing two simple things and one of them is just breathing let alone working to find the life I never thought possible after to listen to those who aught to know.
I am so proud to finally feel what it is like to be inspired by something very simple and grateful for the simplest of beauty in my life. After nine years I can truly say I know what simplifying one's life can truly do for them, let alone what finding passion can bring.
"Neglect not the Gifts Within You
She endured. And survived. Maginally perhaps, but it is not required of us that we live well." Anne Cameron
from Simple Abundance.
I have written this many times through the years and have thought of it often since battling my breast cancer. I have come to an understaning with myself and acceptance almost, that even though there are things that continue to make it difficult to forget chances that still linger I will do the best that I can and find things to make me smile and be happy inspite of the coarse of my journey.
I still have a lump that bothers me in my face. Doctors don't want to once again diagnostically check it because of where it is and the nerve that runs there. MRI isn't being given because they truly believe a cyst. When it hurts it is hard not to worry once again that they can be wrong but I allow that take up about 5 seconds and then on to something else. I won't let my worry consume me and I have had benign cysts already through the years so they have allot to go on. I just know the fear will always be there and there isn't much I can do about it except keep listening to my body and doing things I can to help myself. Sometimes I am not so good on that but don't let it get me down because I know in my heart tomorrow is a new day.
Love to you all,

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Hi Tara,Looks like you do have alot to be thankful for .Just stay positive and trust the only one that matters [GOD]! He has brought you this far im sure he will continue...He never leaves us hanging out there alone! keep smiling and celebrating this second chance in life! turtle68

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