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Good Palooza Wishes and Good NED News

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Hi all -

Wish I could be joining you in Austin. I know you will all have a great time and I so look forward to the pics. Ross and Jen, I hope you have a good visit in the "States".

I completed a second round of testing at NIH this past Wed-Fri. They have booted me back to my oncologist because they can find no evidence of disease! In fact, while all the PET and CT evidence is clear, they also say that based upon my dynamic liver MRI's they find it very difficult to believe that I ever had a liver lesion (except, the liver biopsy results are there - so perhaps I was lucky enough to be caught in the earliest possible time of metastasis). So, this is the best possible news for me. I am trying to figure out what I can do to pay back for such good results. Participating in the September DC event sure seems right. And, I am realistic enough to know that this can all still recur, but for now, I am so happy that my cancer seems under control. Do any of you other NED folks find yourself asking "Why me?" - especially if you are Stage IV?

Good luck everyone. I wish you all who can be in Austin a great time. And just want to also let you know that this site has been so important to me - saved my life, perhaps, since until I found it, all I found were grim, life-sucking, statistics.

Thanks all!


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Great news! I am so happy for you!

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Congrats on the NED!!!!!I ask that all the time why me? I ask is it because it went to my ovaries and uterus and not my lungs or liver? Then I wonder if it comes back is it going to go to my liver or lungs now? I pray often I thank God for my health and ask him to keep the cancer away. Then I book trips to Texas and go have a great time!

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I am very happy for you. Keep up to good spirits!

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That is great news!!! I am so happy for you!


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Hi Betsy,

I will try to represent those of you that can't come to Austin the best I can.....heh heh.....

I never asked "why me" when I was diagnosed, I figured it was more like "why not me" since I wasn't the kindest to myself or my body.

Now that I am NED and seem to be doing okay (this month anyway), I do ask "why me". Survivor quilt they call it and it can be pretty intense, trust me.

Listen to your heart and soul, they will lead and comfort you as your cancer journey continues on it's amazing path.

Lisa P.

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Congrats, Betsy Home-girl!!!

- Sponge

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Oh Betsy, that is WONDERFUL news! Congratulations. I think everyone who is NED wonders both "Why me?" and "Will it last?" It is a wonderful thing though.
Be Well,

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What wonderful news..I am so happy and thrilled for you...Hugs, Audrey.

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Way to go Betsy!!! Those stats do have a way of sucking the life out of us Stage 4s. Never give up!!! When I read wonderful stories like your Betsy, it gives me such hope. I have no lung or liver involvement. I just have some little tumors in my pelvis that will be blasted away!!!! I will be NED also!!!! Have a great time at the palooza, also!!! I thank God every day that I have people like you who have helped me deal with this cancer monster!!! Terri

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Betsy...I know we are in great hands here in Austin. Congratulations on meeting NED...such wonderfull news. I agree with Scouty....survivor guilt is intense and being thankfull we are NED sometimes is not enough.Thanking "others" who supported me for so long is PAYBACK...coming to Austin is payback!
The "holiday" part of our trip never entered my mind. I will tell you Betsy..SEMI-COLONS ROCK...they are why we are here...everything else is just an added bonus!Huggs, Ross n Jen

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Great news !!! I am so happy for you .
Don't feel quilty about your good news .
Besty only the Good Lord up above knows WHO,WHAT,WHY AND WHEN .
You have worried enough . Now it is time to take a deep breath and enjoy .

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Hi Betsy,

What great news. Congratulations!!!

Survivor's guilt never goes away...or at least it hasn't for me. There is never a day that I don't think about all of my fellow chemo buddies that didn't win their fight.

I'm so happy that you have been VICTORIOUS!!!



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Betsy..don't question NED..thank God.

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And so begins that wonderful love affair with NED!
Embrace it and celebrate!!

That is wonderful news!! Congratulations Betsy!!



peace, emily

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What great news. I am doing the happy dance too.


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