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Helping Hand

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I am new to this, thought it might help with the depression. My dad past June 17, 05 of a short battle of pancratic cancer. I know there is a reason for every thing and I know he is safe and not in pain anymore but I can't get past the empty feelings I have. In the past year I have bought a home, got married, changed jobs and in the end of October I found out I have thyroid cancer, I've gone through surgery and treatment. It has spread to my lungs and my lympnoids. I know I should be happy to have the good things I do but not understanding why the bad is happing is eating me alive. Don't get me wrong I am a very positive person on the outside but on the inside I feel lost and alone. If any one has the "key" to this please let me know.
Thanks Stacey

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Hi Stacey,
Last year seems to have brought many changes in your life, no wonder you are depressed. I think your feeelings are normal. When we lose someone we feel many different emotions, all part of the grieving process.
Disease just happens, I don't think there has to be a reason for it. It doesn't happen because you did something wrong, it is not punishment from God either, it can happen to anyone, good or bad person. We just need to find a way to deal with it.

It could be that with the passing of your Dad and later finding out you had cancer, the treatment, mets, etc. depressed you.

I have asked my self "Why me?" Been very depressed at times and I found that having therapy when I feel so bad helps me put things in perspective, find answers and get out of the emotional whirlwind in which I was.

Since therapy has helped me so much at times of trouble, I recommend it.

Have you checked the survivors chat room? You can get support there, you can vent, they cry with you, laugh with you, etc. If you go and the room is empty, try it again later.

All the best,

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My heart aches to hear of Your situation,so much has happened.Someone told me of a website I went there and printed several pages to send to my sister who is going through cancer treatments,10 days before her surgery schedule her husband of 28 years had a massive heart attack and died,he was 50 yrs old. I felt the need to post this and pray for You and your family to find comfort and healing.The website has some good info and insight it is www.thehumansideofcancer.com

My thoughts are with You and remember You are not alone,there are alot of us that feel the same way.We are here when You need us, feel free to email me if You'd like to talk.

Big Hugs

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My heart goes out to you.
I am a three-time cancer survivor as well as a survivor of a divorce I didn't want.
I have struggled with deprseeion most of my adult life.
You asked if anyone had the 'key'.
Just as every lock is different and requires the specific key designed just for that lock, you are very individual and your key will be specific to you.
Professional counseling and medication may provide you with valuable help. Peraonally, I have never availed myself of either one. I find that prayer, and introspection help me reach a level of peace that is irrelevant to specific answers.
I pray that you will keep exploring your options until you find your very specific 'key'.
God bless.

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