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New combination

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Greetings! I saw the Dr yesterday and we are goign to try something else. Last week I had my ca125 taken and it was holding, had another one taken yesterday and do not know how that one turned out. This time I am going on Cytoxan(an oral chemo)taken daily and Avastin (an anti-angiogenic agent)given by IV every 2 weeks. We are waiting for insurance to approve the Avistan. At this time, it is approved for colon cancer not ovarian cancer. An anti-angiogenic agent inhibits blood vessel formation, which hopefully starves the tumor. I am the first patient of his to receive this combination but he said the other Drs have used it and have had good success in giving a person more time and allowing time for a chemo break. So that is what we are praying for...this combination to work and allow me to take a chemo break again soon. After which we'll go on the next thing on his list. I was glad to hear he had several things to use yet.

We had a very long day at the U, it started at 8:00am with labs and ended at 3:15 after the CT Scan. I have fluid in my abdomen(which we think is the lymphocele again) and needed to see what is going on. Once they look at the scan I will probably go in and have the fluid drained.

Well that is it for today. I'll let you all know when I know more. Hopefully it won't take long for the insurance to approve the Avistan. I am ready to try this next course of action.

Prayers and Hugs Bonnie

We choose... through faith... LIFE ... with whatever this world has dealt us! Step out boldly my friends and remember as Tim McGraw wrote this song... “Live as if you were dying!”

PS if you are interested in keeping up with what is going on I do update my caring bridge webpage a little more often and if something happens my daughter will do it for me. Have a blessed day!


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Dearest Bonnie:
Reading your message gave me a sense of great hope for you. I will pray not only that the Lord will work his mighty hand on your body and spirit during this new trial, but that the insurance company will find it in their heart approve coverage for the medications. I am still looking into getting assistance for a couple of my meds (you may remember my post about the $700 for 18 Zofran tabs!).

Anyway, I will check out your website. In the meantime, stay strong, stay positive, and stay in His perfect peace. Sending so many prayers and hugs your way!


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Hi Bonnie,

One of the members of my support group took Avastin for a while, and had very positive results with it. She was not reimbursed for it initially, but after a few treatments her insurance relented and reimbursed her for all of it!

I'll pray that it does the same for you, and will look at your page to see how you're doing.

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