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Resection J-pouches that dont work

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First of all, Thank God my mom is still cancer free!

Q; Is there a colon surgeon anyone would reccomend to fix lower bowl "death"?

My mom is currently under care at UAB in Birmingham Alabama.

My mom had a j-pouch made almost a year ago and still has to have enemas to evacuate. She had her original resection more than 3 years ago followed by 5 surgerys to remove various elliostomy collostomys. the original surgeon made a cut too low that made the recconection problematic.

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Congrats to your mom, AND to you, her caregiver!!!
I called my guy....he did a j-pouch, but mine is working great, except for the occasional loose.
His FABULOUS nurse-pract said that mom should go back to her surgeon, and see if she can be referred out to someone else...or have you already tried this??? I was treated in California, UC Irvine Medical Center, long way to come.
Wish I could be more help...

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I am happy that your mom remains cancer free.

I did not have a Jpouch because my surgeon said they did not have any better results than a straight colon-anal connection. I had a very low tumor and had all of my rectal tissue removed with a temporary ileostomy. After my reversal I had the opposite problem of you mom. I was going all the time. It affected my life and was so distruptive and painful. I had constant butt burn from all the traffic. I maid the hardest decision of my life and had a colostomy done. Life is better, really. Would I have picked any of this, NO - NO - NO. But I have my life back and I remain cancer free after ALMOST 3 years. My original surgery was 6/24/03. I have a cat scan May 10 and I am already sweating thinking about it.


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