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Resection scheduled...

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Hi everyone, thank you for sending me good thoughts this morning about my appointment. My husand and I went to OHSU and my liver resection is scheduled for May 17th, 2006. I am thrilled with this news, just to have a chance at this surgery answers one of my prayers. Both of us have faith in this doctor, he came very highly recommended and has performed many of these surgeries. Hugs to everyone..Audrey

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Hi Audrey...after reading your previous message and now hearing this news it seems your prayers have been answered. I am sure those that have been thru this surgery will offer much advice and support to you. From here in oz I have the date noted.....I hope that when the time comes Auidrey you will have prepared yourself for a successfull surgery. I will be wishing the very best results gal.
Ross and Jen

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Hi Audrey
That is just great news. You must feel very relieved.

Best wishes

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Good luck with the surgery. You must be so happy to be able to have it done.


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Great news, Audrey. I'm happy for you!


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Wishing you the best outcome. May God be with you. Take care.

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That is great news. I know what a relief it can be just to have a date set for surgery. And great that you have such faith in your surgeon -- that is important. Best wishes.

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I am wondering why would they not schedule it sooner? It is a month away. Time is very important.

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Best of luck to you for your surgery. Sounds like you are in good hands... now just sit back and try to relax.

Take care of yourself in the meantime and know we are all thinking of you!! jana

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Ok, like I said to Jana, take down the numbers of ANY and ALL babes in the doctor department that you meet (hehehehe).
I'm sending my STRONGEST VIBES, my dear...

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