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I had my thyroid removed in June of 2000 for papillary cancer. Realized I had mets to right lung. Given RAi treatment (140)- Rescaned 6 months later no spots thyroglobilin 0. I have had numerous blood test since always 0 thyroglobilin levels. It has been 6 years since my surgery shouldn't I be rescaned? What are the neg. to doing scans? If they do find something can it be treated a second time?

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Hi Coach,
congrats to you!!! With Thyroglobulin of 0, you are basicly cancer free. TG is the tumor marker for papillary carcinoma, I have been battling since '94, and never have I had a TG of 0. Talk to your endo, if it makes you feel better ask for a whole body scan. Your ins. may not pay for it with a TG of 0.
Good Luck,

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Hi "Coach",

I too have had thyroid cancer. (july 2004 - no mets) I only had one scan right after the RAI ablation. (dosage 30) I am now ready to go back for a yearly check with my surgeon. (in all of this I haven't been sent to an endo) I am going to have bloodwork done without Thyrogen and without taking me off my meds. My question to you is did you have your blood tested while on medication or off medication. I would really like to know as I have read that bloodwork while ON medication is not all that reliable.

Thanks for your response,


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Hi Janelouise'
I originally had my blood tested while off thyroid meds and thyroglobilin was 0.
I have since been tested twice a year for 5 years on medication with same results. I am thinking about being tested with a high TSH this time (off Meds)

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