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Slightly Enlarged Spleen.....

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Everyone,

Well I was in to see my family Dr this week and my ultrasound shows I have a slightly enlarged spleen. So needless to say this has freaked me out, more so now since I've been home and doing some research. Brief History: stage 3,10 nodes positive surgery March 20,2002

She ( my Dr ) has a call into my oncology Dr but has not reached him yet.....

Now my friend Phyllis who works in Oncology as a nurse saw this report last month and brought it to one of the three oncology Dr's I would see. She told him I have chronic neutropenia along now with a slightly enlarged spleen , he did not see any reason to be concerned ... Now my white blood count never came back in four years after treatment.

Now that scares me....

I'm not sure what to do with this news.
Should I be looking for a CT Scan ? Pet Scan ? Or Watch & Wait

Things are done different here in Canada ~ you get the tests you push for.....

Am I over reacting to this news ?

Lisa Rose

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Dearest Lisa,

I have no medical advice to give you, Lisa, but I know that reports usually will note anything that might be out of the norm just as a safety precaution for future litigation. I know when I read all of my PET and CT scans recently they mention things that are of no real medical concern, but note them because they are a little irregular.

As for PET and CT scans, my original oncologist and the one I am now traveling four hours to see, orders both tests for me routinely. This last time he had to get prior approval for the PET, but it was approved rather quickly. Both of my scans came back clean, but I have a slightly rising CEA which he is not concerned about, but I am. So, to answer your question, we always react to something that is different or out of the normal, but most times it is unnecessary worry.

Sending love, prayers, and well wishes your way while BELIEVING all is well.



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Hey Lis,

Ok, here's my 2 cents....I'd push for a PET scan, since you have to be your own advocate, it seems. Although your doc sees no reason for concern, as long as you have a little doubt, I'd check into it to relieve your apprehension. I would wait until after your Austin trip, because if you don't get the results back (which I am sure will be just fine), you will have that hanging over you during your trip. Plus, I'm counting on you and Andy to have a good time and give me the juicy details over the phone when you get home!

Overall, I know whatever the outcome, you will be fine little nipper!


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baby Lisa -

I'm with my pal Stacy.

Keeping you in my prayers.

- Bob

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Hey, Lisa:
One of the few BENEFITS from meeting the beast is a much higher sensitivity to our own bodies. We really become the 'expert' for ourselves. NEVER discount that. I "overreact" to everything, now, but can sleep at night knowing that I did everything I could.
Watch and Wait? Nope, I couldn't...it would drive me nuts!!!
CT Scan? PET Scan? How long since your last ones? Ultrasound of the area? Maybe, too.
Note: Can I come to Canada? I am sooooo tired of having to fight for stuff, even though in the end I've gotten pretty much everything I've asked for.....
MAJOR HUGS and GOOD VIBES from here.
But, I know I would probably wait till after my trip if I were you....anticipation of a test is much easier to take than anticipation of results!


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Lisa Rose
Posts: 594
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Ladies,

For the record my last CT Scan was late April 2005 and I've never had a pet scan. To have a pet scan I would have to travel to Sherbrook Quebec, but that would not be a problem. My Dr's are not big at all on routine ct-scans but they will do regular ultrasounds.

For the past 6 month's Ive been seeing a homeopathic Dr. He's been treating the " Whole Body Approach " the last thing he treated in mid February was the spleen. I was treated with Lycopodium Clavatum 200. I now wonder if this treatment has anything to do with my new slightly enlarge spleen ? ? ? Tuesday I'm going to make an appointment with my family Dr and go over my concerns. Now it might take a week or two just to see her.

Kathi, If you want to come to Canada why don't you come to palooza 4 in Halifax, Nova Scotia this fall. The dates are October 12-15th. . . .

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter

Lisa Rose

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First of all, don't freak out. Breathe in, breathe out. Better? One thing that can cause an enlarged spleen is hepatitis (simply swelling in the liver). Certain drugs, like chemo, can cause the liver to swell (hepatitis is not necessarily caused by a virus)and not work as efficiently as it should, so the blood backs up in the spleen. Usually, this is mild and with no other symptoms, you can go along fine with a slightly enlarged spleen and some swelling in your liver. HOWEVER - in my case, my liver was badly damaged by the chemotherapy, so it has collapsed on itself and now I have cirrhosis of the liver with first stages of liver failure. This makes my spleen VERY large and I've even had 2 blood clots in the spleen, so I have to take coumadin daily.

To check to see what's going on with your liver, they can do a liver scan, but really, you're probably fine going on just as you are.

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My dear Baby Lisa.....I don't think you are over-reacting at all.I would probably react in the very same way gal.I did just that when it was thought that the chemo was playing havoc with my heart. I worried the whole time they were doing tests over a 4 week period.
BUT.....you and others here sweetie helped me to "cool it" while I was waiting on results. The only thing you can do is wait for a response from your doctor.I am sure you have already searched for info on neutropenia. I would think that if the report on you had serious connotations your doc would have reacted quickly.You said " he did not see any reason to be concerned ..." .
I truly hope that is the case Lisa.....when my doc suggested all the heart tests she said the same thing to me but wanted it confirmed by all the testing. She said my concerns were warrented....so "lets make sure nothing is a major problem".So...I had the tests. Stay "cool" Lisa and when we meet yah you can have my shoulder for a while gal!
Luv n huggs, Ross n Jen

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