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Hi everyone...I just came across this list from a Google search I did while trying to find information about hives and melanoma scars. What a great list; I only wish I'd found this sooner. In December I celebrated 3 years cancer free! :-) But, during this whole time I've had frequent hives right around the scar where the cancer was removed. Of all my doctors, only one ventured a guess at what it was...she suggested it was irritation caused by internal stitches that had not yet dissolved. She said the longest those stitches would last would be three years. Has anyone else had hives on or around a scar?

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Hi Amber,

I haven't heard of that in particular but I know a lot of melanoma survivors tend to have more rashes than before they were diganosed with melanoma. I realize hives and a rash aren't the same thing but I have had rashes near my wide exicision as well as near my lymph node dissection and others I've communicated with who have melanoma have experienced similar issues. I thought I'd mention that you might also want to try the MPIP which has an active melanoma survivor and caregiver group. The web address is http://www.mpip.org/bb/bbindex.html
I'm assuming you aren't on any medications that could explain the hives. I have no medical background so my comments are only as someone with Stage III melanoma (diagnosed a little over a year ago).

Take care, Carver

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Amber-I was very interested to hear about your hives. My daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago with an unknown primary. She had been getting hives for several years prior to diagnosis and without explanation. None of her doctors seem to be able to make a connection, but I read about some clinical studies for treatment of melanoma that use histamines, and histamines cause hives. Could it be your bodies way of fighting the melanoma? I don't know but it seems like something is going on. How old are you? Maybe there is an age connection too as it is more common for young people to get hives.


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