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Pnumonectomy - HELP!

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My dad had a Pnumonectomy about 3 months ago. The lung they took filled up with fluid like it was supposed to. Well over the past few weeks, he has had some really bad spells where his SATS have dropped and he thought he was going to die. His last two rounds of x-rays showed that the fluid that filled up in that lung after a lung removal is leaking. There are areas in that lung cavity that are filling up with air because the fluid is leaking out. They cannot find where the fluid is going and it is causing him to be really sick. The doctors are saying they have never seen this in a patient before but they know it has happened. We have no other information regarding this and the doctors are saying the only way to fix it is to go in there and glue shut the part that is leaking the fluid, but that he might not make it through the surgery... we are all so confused about this and the doctors don't seem like they have any answers - they act as if they don't know what to do either.. can someone please help???? does anyone know about this condition or is there somewhere we can go or contact someone about this ??? i love my daddy.. i want to get him better...

thank you very much...

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I had a Pneumonectomy on 12/2/04 and aside from a long recovery, I did not have any of the problems your dad is having. If the doctors have a concern about your dad making it through the surgery to fix the leak, perhaps a second opinion may be an option. You may find someone who has already performed this procedure and has a little more confidence and knowledge about it.
Good Luck.

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Hi I have had lung cancer in both lungs 3 1/2 yrs apart and I did have a little bit of a time with the last time, my right lung wanted to leak for about 10 days and then all of a sudden it just closed on its own. I was in the hosp for about 11 days though including surgery day. Sorry I can't be of more help , but would like for you to update us so we will know what happened to your Dad, I wish you and him the very best.

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Hi, I can't say much about small cell I was diagnoised with non small cell I am about 6 months out of my rescetioning and all is going pretty well for me. I was fortunate to see a Doctor at the University of Pittsburg and they did everything that could be possible done to save my life. The Doctor I feel confident could help your father his name is Dr. Matthew J. Schuchert he is a surgical oncologist you can request an appointment right on the Universitys web site. I hope he can help your Dad the way he helped me.

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