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Was away - now back

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I haven't posted for a while. I was travelling for 3 weeks, and only just back. I've just been reading through 3 weeks worth of messages -- makes me feel very close to you all, and to value so much this group.

It has been a funny time period for me. Almost exactly one year ago, my recurrance was diagnosed. (These anniversaries are always bitter-sweet times). My treatment meant I was "grounded" for many months, and this was my first big trip since then. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to travel. But it did bring back those memories. Then, during the past 2 weeks, I have had one good friend diagnosed with cancer (uterine) - it was more advanced than they thought and she will have to have chemo. Then I accompanied another dear friend to MD Anderson for follow-up tests for her cervical cancer -- which ended up to bring very bad news for her. So, it has been a difficult time for me (but not as difficult as for them!). On the one hand, I am so thankful that I can be there as a source of support but on the other hand I find it quite draining, as it all hits very close to home.
Anyway - I write in a jet-lagged haze but really to say how very grateful I am for this group, which has been providing me with information and support for so many years.

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OH, Tara....
First a survivor, now a caregiver...double the wings!
Congrats on the travel...I look forward to getting back in the saddle this summer....I truly miss it!

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Hi Tara,
Welcome back and I'm happy to hear you are doing well. So sorry to hear about all the battles your friends are going through. The scary thing is that Cancer is apart of almost everyone's life in some way or another. Keep well and focus on the postive stories ..there are a lot of them!

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Hi Tara,

Glad to have you back into the fold and good to hear you are doing well. Good for you traveling for 3 weeks. Well deserved.


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Hiya Tara, welcome back.You say that it has been draining for you. Of course it has and anyone who has been touched by cancer at times needs to try to distance themselves from all the worry and heartache.I know many here including myself need an outlet to try to think and do other thigs, then regroup and come back refreshed and ready to battle, support and advise. I, like you Tara have had 2 friends to support(sadly I lost one of them) and there are many times I have people ask me how I cope being close to cancer "all the time". I just tell them the reason..we UNDERSTAND Tara. We cope because we have to help our mates....and when we can we find time to unwind and not think on it because it cannot run our lives.You are a wonderfull example of true friendship Tara and you deserved the holiday.
huggs, Ross and Jen

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I'm glad that you did some traveling and that you enjoyed it..I know your friends are greatful to have you beside them...Hugs to you..Audrey

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