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Hi. I was just diagnosed with NSCLC. All I know at the moment is that it's 5 cm, and in the upper right lobe. I'm waiting for a PET scan to be scheduled, to determine the staging, but it's at least IB, from what I've read. I haven't told many people as yet, but the responses I've gotten have been kinda strange.. sympathetic, yet distant, almost like I was saying I had leprosy.. I gues I'm here just for some support, form people whoknow what I am going through, and to offer some as well.. so.. Hi!


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    Hi Steve. . . welcome to the board. Hope you'll find some friendship and support here. Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, but hope that they've caught you at an early stage. The beginning is the hardest, right after diagnosis. . . I don't have lung cancer myself, but my Mom was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage IIIB in December. I feel like we walked through the first 2 months in a fog of fear and panic. It gets better-- in my Mom's case, once she started her treatment and learned more about her case, she felt more in control. I suspect this will happen for you too.

    Please continue to visit. Good luck on your upcoming PET scan. . . hope you get good news. And come back to share it with us!
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    I had 3b lung cancer, for now I am cancer free. I was told that this would not happen, but they did not know my chief physician I was not a candidate for surgery or radiation. If you would like to read my story on Lance Armstrong Foundations web site, paste the address below in your browser. You can also type ernrol in the search box and you get to my story here. After reading my story, If you would like more info about the things I did let me know, and I will post them. Ernie (Harold).

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    Hello Steve and at the same time, sorry that you have to be here. I had a 2.7 cm tumor in my upper right lobe. I was stage 3A. Two lymph nodes lit up in the center of my chest on the PET scan. I had daily radiation and weekly chemo for 6 weeks. They wanted to shrink the tumor and clean up the lymph nodes before surgery. It worked. I had surgery in July and am cancer free. People just do not know what to say to you when they find out that you have lung cancer. Most people do do not know any one with lung cancer. I didn't and I guess that is why I was so scared in the beginning. I pray that you will be able to have surgery also. Prayers
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    I was diagnosed with IIIA NSCLC a little over a month ago. It is a shock and I too was surprised at the responses. Those who responded that I was strong and they expected me to get through this, let me down the most. I have always been strong and am a survivor, but even the strongest need support from time to time. I have had my second chemo and am looking forward to a repeat CT Scan later this week. That will be my first measure of whether I am getting anywhere. I am realizing that I need help and support from those who are fighting the battle, or those that have fought and won and I hope that it will come from web sites such as this and I hope to give more than I get. I have had a very fortunate life and those things that were unpleasant, just served to make me into who I am today. If I can share my strength with anyone, please ask.
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    As an update, I had a PET scan, and it came back cleasn. I amscheduled for a lobectomy on Monday (three days from now). I Would REALLY appreciate an honest reply as to what I can/should expect. Thanks!
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    Steve: I was DX in October, 2004 with Stage IIIB Adenocarcinoma of the Right Lung. I had surgery to remove 2/3 of right lung. The surgery left me with a great deal of pain in my right side, shoulder and back. I had aggressive chemo and radiation after surgery. The chemo and radiation was rough to say the least. Lost my hair and had horrible time swallowing after radiation was completed. But I am (and you will be too) a 18 month survivor. The treatment is rough but it rids our bodies of this ugly beast. Please join our Lung Cancer Survivors Group at http://www.lungcancersurvivors.org/
    Good Luck and God Bless!
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    Hi Steve and all, I'm gonna make you all feel real good. I have had lung cancer in both lungs. the first time in 1987 and again in 1991. I lost 1/2 of my left lung in 1987 ( adinocarcinoma ) and a little more than 1/4th of my right lung in 1991 ( large cell ). I had no chemo or radiation so you do, and will survive lung cancer if caught early enough. I do a lot of walking now and exercise ( such as lifting weights., so I will have enough air. I do find I'm more prone to upper respiratory ailments now than ever before. I just had a round of pnuemonia and whooping cough ( yes I said whooping cough ). It took me about 2 mos to recover completely, but I'm up and as good as new now. By the way I'm 71 yrs old.
    As for what people say to you, they really don't know what to say. Did you before now? I didn't but I sure do now. I say have a very positive attitude and that will get you through what ever you will have to endure. Don't listen to people who want to talk about how healthy you look and how you should be able to survive, they don't have a clue what you are going through, at first you feel very alone & scared, I know I sure did, and thats way natural, then I got the attitude and said i'm gonna give it the best shot I have , and I did. I had lots of prayers said for me so I would suggest that you go to a good prayer board such as WELCOME TO ALL IN 1 ACCORD. i GO THERE AND WE HAVE A LOT OF GOOD PEOPLE THERE WHO WILL BE JUST MORE THAN HAPPY TO PRAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILYS, Remember your familys are suffering also because they don't know what to do or say either right now, they are in as much fog as you are.
    If I can be of any more help just email me at [email protected]
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    SteveG. said:

    As an update, I had a PET scan, and it came back cleasn. I amscheduled for a lobectomy on Monday (three days from now). I Would REALLY appreciate an honest reply as to what I can/should expect. Thanks!

    Well Steve you have already had your surgery, so I know you are pretty sore now. Where did they go in to you? For my right lung they went in under my right arm through the arm pit and all, ( not good for a lady ) For my left lung they went in through my chest like for heart surgery , that took a lot longer to recover from. I imagine you will be getting the chest tube out in the next day or so and will probably be going home in a day or so. You may or may not feel short of breath, but you will when you are up and about some. I don't know what your Dr.is telling you but the best thing I did both times was start walking right away, even if its just a few steps everyday go a couple of steps farther. to start with I could only walk to the end of the drive way and then I got so I could go around the block in about a month. Now I can walk as far as anyone except I can't walk up hills, my legs are willing but I just don't have enough air. You will be surprised how fasr you will recover.
    I would love to hear from you to see how you are doing, so I hope you post or you can email me at [email protected]
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    Hello Steve - Hope by now you're feeling much better. I've had 2 surgeries - the first in December, 2004 in which they just removed the tumor and said it was benign. A day later the surgeon came in and said oops, the pathologist made a mistake, it's really malignant so I needed to have the upper lobe of my left lung removed, which happened in January, 2005. I faithfully did the breathing exercises and think that's very important. I began chemo in February, 2005, 8 treatments beginning with carbo and gemzar and the oncologist switched me at the halfway point to cisplatin and gemzar because of lots of problems with my blood. But I got through it, working during all three months of chemo, although fewer hours. It's been exactly one year since I got done with it, and other than GREAT anxiety each time I go for a CT scan (which is every 3 months) I'm doing really well. And you will too.