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what a bad week!!!

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sorry guys but i need somewhere to cry. IM sure my family and friends are getting tired. anywats went to get my port installed on 3/30 and just got out of the hospital yesterday.puntured my lung during surgery,which is apparently a 1 in a million chance. lucky me. anyways while installing chest tube lacerated surface of lung. im sure there are not many if any who have had this experience, but since this has delayed my chemo radiation therapy until monday i hope it doesnt change things. thanks for your support guys. i will be back in touch with hopefully good news.

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Hi Cherriann,

How awful!!!! I'm wishing you only the best for your upcoming chemo/radiation therapy. Please keep us posted.

Thinking of you,


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Actually, my dear, I do know someone that happened to.
This was a gal at my treatment center. She looked a little more pale than we all do in the room, so I asked how she was.
Said they had punctured her lung while inserting her port. I guess she had to have it re-inflated (I don't know the medical term, sorry).

But, she was doing better, and was having no troubles with using it for chemo now (a week after discharge). She said she just needed to take it easy...just like we all SHOULD during chemo ANYWAY.
MANY HUGS your way!!!!

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You're right that sucked. But I doubt it will change things. Sometimes during your chemo they will stop it because of the white blood counts. You'll be fine and I don't think your family or friends would be tired of hearing you. Good luck keep us posted.

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Hey there, cherriann -

UGH! Sorry to hear about the SNAFU on your port. Try to look at the bright side; now you can honestly tell people you one in a million!

A delay of a week or so shouldn't delay your chemo. I had to delay the start of my chemo due to 9/11 issues. The onc said it wouldn't make a significant difference.

Hopefully all of your bumps are now behind you and it will be smoothe sailing through chemo.


- SpongeBob

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Eeek cherrieann! So sorry to hear about the mishaps! Hope you feel better soon!


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wow cherriann! just when you think you've heard it all, there's another crazy story. hope you're doing well now. don't worry about the delay in your treatment. the start of my daughter's treatment was delayed by almost 6 weeks when she developed a terrible infection. that was almost a year ago. she'll be done with chemo in less than 2 months and is doing very well. hang in there and good luck.....susan

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Dear Chrriann,this sounds like it was a bad week. But let's hope and pray that it would be the last bad week in your life. May all your weeks be good (as good as they can be). Hang in there. God Bless!

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Hi Cherriann,

Excuss my language but that sucks. Don't worry about waiting. I had to finish a college course before I started chemo. I didn't want to be sick and trying to do homework. You should be fine. Sorry that this happened but like Spongebob said now you can say you are one in a million. HUGS!!!


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Hi Cherri...yup...join the 1 in a million club. I had an epidural which did not work during surgery. After I got my wits back 3 days later someone said...1 in a million. I said...geez..did I win tha lottery? Typically brain dead...lol! We hope you get thru your chemo/rads with NO problems Cherri....I think winning the lottery once is enough gal.
huggs, Ross n Jen

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