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all semi colons just wondering...

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hi all,
hope all is well with everyone fighting this beast.
i was just wondering are we all classified disabled for the rest of our life or does that change if we are in remission or "cured".
any and all feedback is always welcome from my semi-colon family
all the best

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Hi Bruce,

I am not considered (yet) to be in remission nor cured - but I do not consider myself disabled at all. I walk 3 miles every morning, enjoy all the wonderful things in life every day and I have continued my volunteer work as well as community and club activities throughout all of my treatments. I know several semi-colons who have continued to work actively at their jobs throughout treatment as well.


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Hi Bruce. My husband Bert is currently NED and has been so for the last three years. However, right after surgery and all through his treatments, with the exceptions of a few little set backs, he continued working full throttle and didn't slow down unless the chemo kind of reminded him that he was overdoing it just a little. I think he needed the normalacy of continuing life as usual to help him get through everything and he continues to do so today. Disability or being disabled never once entered into our routine...early retirement....well, now that's a different game altogether :o)


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Hi Bruce,

I never heard of us being "disabled". I am working through my chemo and have filled out paperwork in case I get very sick at the end so I can keep my job and get paid. I'm just hoping that being sick doesn't impact my salary raises but I think it will. Right now I don't care about that since I am working hard to get through chemo and find out that I'm NED. I have found that other things are more important than worrying about work. Take care.


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been living with the beast over 5 years, and have only been "sick" when on treatments..guess that the term remission, NED, etc depends upon who's looking. The FAA won't reinstate my pilot's license unless the DR. writes a letter stating the disease is stable-ie; no progression. Bud

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Do you mean disabled in as far as getting disability at work? I was unaware that I was ever disabled. Don't you have to be injured at work to claim disability? I guess I don't know that much about it, but I worked all throughout my chemo. So, I guess I don't know the answer to your question.
Sorry to be of little to no help.
Take care,

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Hi Bruce,
I don't consider myself disabled, however I am receiving temporary disability because I am unable to work due to chemo side effects. I did however work full time my first round of chemo. It is my understanding that I can remain on temporary disability for 1 year. Hopefully I'll be back at work by then.
Take care,

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Hi Bruce,
When I was dx I was self employed so during the recuperation and first month of chemo I applied for sickness benefits thru welfare. They told me that I would have to go on jobstart because cancer was NOT considered a long term illness, so I used to stand in line every fortnight with my form (and a bucket)so that they could ask me how many jobs I had applied for. It upset me so much that I started up my business again and went back to work. It was hard graft particularly because the enhancement drug ,levamisole ,used to make me so crook. It probably has helped to toughen me up though,when I had my gallbladder removed I had a total of three days off work. I haven't had a holiday for the past eight years so in reply to your original question ,yes I am definitely suffering a long term MENTAL disability,Cheers Ron.

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Hey Batman ( my new name for you, Bruce)

I guess it is all in the interpretation of the word.

I happen to have a severely disabled 14 year old young lady.

I don't believe the word disabled is one I would use to describe myself.

BUTT...I sure feel like crap sometimes!!!

Catwoman ( meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)

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Hi Bruce...I can't speak for you guys in the states but I guess I would be like Ron here in oz...pretty much the same situation if the cancer hit me again.
Having said that I am retired so I guess one could say I am "disabled"....that is I have this disability of having to do all the housework and tend to Jen's beck and call......ho hum!
Good thing she is not here to read this post...lol!

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Hi Bruce -

I'm not sure who is doing the "classifying". I personally do not consider myself as disabled although I have Stage IV CRC (and I doubt my actual work-related disability insurance would either.) From point of view of my particular company I was eligible lastyear for "long term" sick leave covering my surgery and chemo related absenses. And although NED now I am again covered this year for any doc appts, testing etc that ends up invading work time. But that's just my company's policy (great policy, but since I have been there 25 years I don't exactly feel as if I am taking advantage of them!)

So I don't feel disabled myself. But hard to answer this question without the specific context.


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