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Scaring myself to death

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I wrote to a Kushi counseler after I read her amazing testmonials helping people with cancer, etc. - http://www.minadobic.org/testimonials.php#4 She sent me a very disturbing answer. This is the eve of my friend Mark's surgery and reading this really made me nervous. I would like all your thoughts on this. The decision to do chemo at all was a hard one for Mark and he just wants to do SOMETHING so he can settle into getting cured or at least better. My question to this woman was whether she worked with cancer patients that were on chemo, whether the diet would be effective. Here is her answer:

Hello Kathryn,

For this type of condition chemotherapy is not going to make improvement. It will happen what happened the first time when after chemo/radiation cancer went deeper in the body. You said that first chemo was successful and that together with radiation it shrank the tumor and they were able to remove it. Tumor can be removed, but cancer spread deeper in the body. It didn't 'leave' the body because only symptoms were treated but the cause is still there - the way of eating and living.

At this point the Macrobiotic approach will help Mark prevent the spreading of the cancer deeper in the bones and will give him (his body) strength to fight the cancer cells. Also he wouldn't suffer the consequences from the aggressive therapy, and side effects which have already taken effect (difficulty breathing).

If Mark is not capable of traveling, I also make home visits, but usually need to know five days in advance due to my hectic schedule. At this time I am attaching documents for your/Mark's review and if Mark decides to have a consultation with me, please have him fill out the First Visit Questionnaire and e-mail it back to me . Also, let me know where you would want the consultation to take place. My fee for visiting clients is $775 and for consultation at my home-office $675.

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If macrobiotic diets were as effective as she says then clinical studies would have proven it. It is very important to choose evidence based medicine-as in placing your faith in treatments that are properly tested and results are more than anectodotal. I had a friend who tried macrobiotics for recurrent melanoma but it didn't help at all-the cancer still spread. She was eventually accepted into a trial at the National Cancer Institute and received a vaccine type treatment and is cancer free. The macrobiotics is not an answer in itself. You should always approach treatment with nutrition as a part of your treatment, but not all of it. I am sure this woman truly believes in what she is selling you, but take care and go with what we know can help so many.

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I am prepared to differ with you on this point.

I only did nutritional and alternative therapies and am alive and CANCER FREE 4 years and 8 months later.

I will never fear secondary cancers, chemo-induced leukemia, heart and kidney damage nor do I suffer from peripheral neuropathy, nor have I ever been hospitalized with severe diarrhea or put on anti-nausea meds.

And actually the Kushi Institute has raised some major interest because they HAVE had so many success stories with macrobiotics that they ARE doing scientific studies.

As for chemo for colon cancer---it has NOT been found to increase the survival rate to much more than months--not years--we're talking months.

My sister took chemo and radiation and died. My aunt took chemo and radiation and died and my grandfather took chemo and radiation and died. I would have asked their opinion if I should have done the chemo or not, but they weren't available....they were six feet under.

You took your "anecdotal evidence" of your friend's experience with macrobiotics and decided that it isn't worthy of a stand alone treatment. Interesting.....

peace, emily

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I would not feel comfortable with giving up chemo for the macrobiotic approach. That's my personal opinion. More evidence for chemo than the diet. If she agrees to the consult while he's doing the chemo, I'd consider it.
PS. That seems like a lot of money, which most likely isn't covered by insurance. But worth it, I suppose, if it works.
Tough decision! Good luck.

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She sounds scary to me as well. I know that people on thsi board (scouty for example) who, even though they still had evidence of cancer, gave up chemotherapy in favour if the nutrition way, with success. I personally would feel wary of anybody who told me they wouldnt treat me until I gave up chemotherapy.

Goldfnch, how is you regime going for you these days?

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I would agree with the others. Nutrition will help you get through this but chemo is also the way to go. I am doing chemo but have changed my diet to help my body fight this and also to build up the good cells so they don't get killed along with the bad cells during chemo. Try to get Patrick Quinlan's book "Beating Cancer with Nutrition". I think it is very upbeat and a lot of help. I think her price is a little high also. I was looking into going for a hemopathic consult with some ND's in the area. They only charged $150 for a 90 min consult. Granted I have to go to them but she is very expensive. I also would not go if she is saying she will not do unless he is off the chemo. Good naturopathic and hemopathic doctors work with oncologist to treat the whole body. Good luck and my opinion is keep on searching. Also, where are you? Maybe someone on the board in your area can help with a good doctor. HUGS!!!


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Kathryn -

You can never know for sure. But this is suspicious.

Nutrition I believe is definitely part of the program. But chemo also can be positive (and I am a very prime example of that.) I think you may be looking here at a charlatan or at least someone who is more leaning in that direction.

Try not to become too hysterical. Give the chemo a chance and also give good nutrition (but normal, Quillen style good nutrition) a chance. In Mark's situation (Stage IV), while I am certainly not a doc, I think not even trying chemo would be a huge mistake. Doing some chemo, seeing results and then pursuing more aggressive nutrition therapy seems like a better plan to me.

Just my two cents and I wish you both well.


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Thanks Betsy and everyone else. Please see my post under "MACROBIOTICS."

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