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Yes!!! Good results..

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I have just returned home from my folfox 6 treatment and am wearing the pump for 5FU.. The pet scan showed 2 tumors in the liver which are both in the right lobe and not near any blood vessels etc..My oncologist just kept repeating.. " I'm so excited..I'm so excited "..He had called the liver surgeon at OHSU this morning and left a message about my results because he thinks I am a great candidate for liver rescetion..he also said that since I am in great shape and the cancer has not been found elsewhere that DR. Billings may want to get this started asap..I am excited also..when I got home the tears started, happy tears of course..I have to go see my surgeon in an hour for my check up for my lower resection..Oh that rectal exam..UGH!!!..Thanks to everyone for the prayers and good thoughts..I keep all of us in my thoughts each day and night. I will post when I know more..Audrey

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I'm dancing as fast as I can, my dear......SUCH good news!!!!
I'm a little misty myself!

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Rock on! Love the good news!

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Way to go, Audrey!


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This is such good news, Audrey!!! My prayers and positive vibes are with you! Terri

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Dang this time zone difference!I just posted to your last topic Audrey and WOW...that was quick!So good to know you have the results you wanted. Now we hope that you get thru chemo without too many side effects.......take it easy...go with tha flow gal.Ain't nothin wrong with crying!Ask Jen....I don't think she ever saw a fella cry so much...well...not 24/7 but I did crack up occassionally.At least I did not have to worry about mascara getting mucked up!Make sure you let us know about any worries you have...even the little things.
As for the rectal thingy...yuk!A mate of mine told me the first time is the worst before I had that examination. He did happen to mention I should not be worried..it's just a little uncomfortable...it was! He did however tell me that if the specialist happened to put "a" hand on "each" buttock when doing the procedure then I SHOULD start worrying!
Are you smiling yet Audrey.....hope so.
Just a little humour to relax you. Jose will probably kick me off here.
huggs from oz, Ross n Jen

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I'm so happy for you!

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brilliant news. kanga, a handsome specialist with a hand on each buttock! Hmmmmm now!


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woooohoooooo keep us posted


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This is so great for you Audrey. Good vibes coming your way for the appt with Dr. Billings.


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