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worry is on the other foot

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Hi guys...Right at the moment I too have a lot on my mind. Jen has been having diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps and not really feeling too good. She saw the doc yesterday and has had to submit 3 faecal samples today. His dx at the moment is that he is pretty sure it is not cancer or colitis and thinks she may have a gastric infection of some kind as her symptoms have been showing for almost a week. We are hoping it is just a passing thing so have to wait for her path. results. She is booked to see a gastroenerologist after we get home from Austin in may. So right now we are worried....obviously for her health but also because we need it to settle down for our trip.I know this is not about cancer but wanted to tell you all because Jen does get concerned about all our friends here. My angel is not well and I get pretty upset when she is the one sick.
We will keep you informed.
huggs Ross n Jen

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Kanga and Jen, Best wishes for a speedy recovery,Ron.

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Oh Ross, please tell Jen to just take care of herself. Sounds like she might have a tummy bug of sorts - but let us know when the doc gives his diagnosis.

Jen, we are sending you our special prayers for a fast recovery.



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Oh, Ross and Jen, what a horrible thing to deal with right before a trip! MY guardian angel says it's nothing, Jen....and I have trusted her all thru my stuff!!!
So, slow down, take care of yourself, get plenty of fluids, eat non-spicy stuff...you probably know the drill from Ross thru all his gastric upsets!!!!
MY VERY BEST VIBES are headed your way, both of you, and try to think of other things and enjoy Austin!

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Hi Ross and Jen,
I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well Jen. Take care if yourself and feel better. I'm thinking of both of you and sending positive energy your way.

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hi ross and jen,
hope all is well and take care of yourself.
all the best

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Ross and Jen
We are thinking of you both, and hoping that all test results come back with good news. The waiting is the hardest part. Keep us posted.
Sylvia :)

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Hello to both of you. I will have Jen in my thoughts and prayers that this is nothing too serious and she will recover quickly. Hugs to you both..Audrey

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Hi Kanga,

I am so sorry to hear that Jen is feeling badly.
Hopefully, it will resolve itself quickly and without further pain. Please let us know.

Hugs and healing energy to Jen,


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Jen, you are in my thoughts today for a speedy recovery. Can't wait to meet you.


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Hi Ross and Jen:

So sorry to hear that Jen is under the weather. Had one of those stomach virus myself last year, sounds a lot like Jen's from the symptoms. Please take good care, get a lot of rest and plenty of liquid and I am beaming healing vibes your way for a quick recovery! ((((((((((Jen)))))))))))


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Hey there, Ross and Jen,

Just saw your post. How are you feeling , Jen? I know it's normal to worry about stuff like this, but don't let it make you crazy. Have you gotten the test results back?

I'm sure you'll be ok.

If in doubt : Immodium !! :) My best friend. Forget American Express : Don't leave home without it.

Barb. Feel better sweetie. Ross, you take care of that angel of yours.

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Hello Jen
Hope this finds you doing much better.
sounds like you got the stomach virus that was going around when I was in Hawaii. Both of my kids got it .
Yes I did say when I was in Hawaii .We are now in San Antonio Texas. We arrived yesterday .
Anyways just wanted to say get well soon.

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Ross, Jen will be fine but give her my love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. I know the feeling you are having but as you've said so many times to me, don't spend time worrying about something when there probably is nothing to worry about. It's wasted energy. Instead, think only positive thoughts and send good vibrations. I'm sending some too you right now and again, Jen will be just fine.


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Hi Ross -

Sorry I am a bit late - hopefully Jen is starting to feel better. I understand that you can't help but worry, but it really is probably "just" one of those stomach bugs.

Wishing Jen a speedy recovery. And I hope you can still make your trip to Austin.


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Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts. I hate seeing Jen ill. She was feeling much better this morning but still had some stomach cramps. I will get her to read this tonight when she gets home from work.I am sure she would like to reply to you all. We probably won't get the test results 'til next week.Jen was dx'd with IBS a few years back so different foods can effect her but I guess the report will be needed to confirm what is wrong. At least she has improved.Check back here later for her reply guys n gals.
huggs, Ross n Jen

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Hey Ross...sorry to hear about Jenn's bout with the gastro-issues. I know you're worried. I know you hate to see her down, but I'm sure it comforts her (and you) to know you can take care of her like she's done for you in the past.

Jenn...take it easy and get better soon!


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I hope Jen is feelng better by now and that shes in top form for your trip.


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Hi, Jen here. I am feeling better and a lot of the symptoms have subsided but not completely gone.No test results back yet but doctor is reasonably confident it is an inflamed bowel.We will know more after seeing the gastroenterologist after we return from Austin.Thanks for all your concern and good wishes, Ross is just a worry wart, some of you have more to be concerned about than what I do.Looking forward to seeing most of you in 2 weeks.
Love and best wishes, Jennifer and Ross.

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