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colostomy recovery

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My dad had a colostomy 2 1/2 months ago and is still having problems with infections and the past few weeks he has come down with a fever. He has to go to a wound center 3 times per week to stuff guaze up his bottom because of excessice drainage. His stomach gets red from time to time, and now this fever of 103. I am so worried about him. He just wants to move on and get his life back. Does anyone out there have any advice and support that I could relay back to him. How long is recovery supposed to be in this situation? Thank you.

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can you give a few more details? Type of cancer, stage, treatment, etc.? Bud

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If his temp. is 103 I would be packing him off to the docs. right now!Something is absolutely not right and needs more investigation.
Welcome to our group and we hope he can get this under control.
Ross and Jen

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I'm not sure of the stage. The type is colorectal. They found polups and one was a tumor in his rectum, so they removed the tumor and gave him a colostomy. He now has the bag, and seems to be doing ok there, its just the "butt" area, that keeps getting infected. Does anyone know why he would be getting a fever. He went to see his surgeon this week, but it doesn't sound like she gave him the details as to why he is having so many problems. He is also going in for a ct scan this week.

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