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Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumor of the Ovary

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I tried this several months ago, but they say never give up. This is the cell type of Ovarian Cancer that I have. I have read everything that I can find and I know that it is very rare. It is a combination of carcinoma and sarcoma and it is generally more progressive. I was diagnosed Stage 3B,12-3-04, and had 8 chemos of carboplatin and taxol. So far, I have not had a recurrance and feeling okay. Is there anyone out there with this cell type? Thanks! Paula

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I was diagosed w/the same type of cancer, but in the uterus. Had a hysterectomy Nov.'07. Currently going to daily radiation. Would like to hear from you or anyone else w/the same cancer to compare notes & treatments.

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My dear friend has been diagnosed with uterine carcinosarcoma stage 4. So far she has undergone treatment with ifosfomide/taxol which hardly phased it. She is now on a trial of Cabozantinib which is a targeted drug. We are anxiously awaiting a CT scan in a little over a month to see whether this one makes a difference. The tumors are also classified as Mullerian. I assume that the carboplatin/taxol is doing something or they would have stopped it a long time ago. Our doctor would have tried carboplatin/doxil has she not been able to get into the trial.

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Hi Viking45, I am also battling uterine carcinosarcoma (stage 1b, grade 3). I am so sorry to hear that front line treatment has not made a difference for your friend. Hopefully the trial drug works this time. You may want to try also posting in the Uterine cancer group. There are several others on that group who are/have battled this rare and aggressive cancer who may be able to provide you with more experience that I can offer. Wishing you strength and peace, Kim

Surgery: TAH & BSO, 14 lymph nodes excised, 10.5 cm - Sept 2015; 47 years old

Dx: Uterine carcinosarcoma (MMMT) Stage 1b, Grade 3 - Sept 2015

Frontline: Chemo (Taxol-day 1 & Ifosfamide/Mesna-days 1-3) - 6 rounds - Dec 2015 - May 2016

Radiation - external, 28 treatments, completed Mar 2016


recently diagnosed
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Hello, I am 56 and have been diagnosed with carcinasarcoma of the uterus. on the 08.08.2016 I had a radical hysterectomy and removal of a 15cm tumor, when they performed the wash it was discovered that I had cancer cells in the wash. I immediately changed my diet to a more healthy eating plan, raw fruit and veges mostly as well as healthy smoothies etc. Yesterday I had my first visit with a radiation oncologist who pretty much told me that changing my eating plan was a waste of time and the only treatment that would save me was radiation and chemo and in fact the healthy food I was eating was in fact feeding the cancer. When I enquired as to how they know that I still have cancer, he could not tell me that they would recommend chemo and radiation as a preventitive. I am confused as zi did not really want to have either chemo or radiation. Has anyone else changed their eating habits and had success without chemo or radiation?

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by oxidation.  Increasing your intake of antioxidants counteracts the chemo and/or rads, and gives strength to the cancer cells.  That's why they steer you away from some of those during treatment.  (Information from Memorial Sloan Kettering Integrative Medicine Group.)

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Hello recently diagnosed,

I'm sorry you've had reason to come to this board. You may want to also read and post in the Uterine Cancer board, where there has been quite a bit of discussion of issues related to your questions. Most decisions about your treatment will depend on the stage, grade, and type of cancer that you have (there are several different types of endometrial/uterine cancer). If the pelvic wash was positive and/or cancer was found in lymph nodes and/or it is one of the particularly aggressive types, your doctors would be following standard treatment guidelines in urging you to have chemo and/or radiation.

Good luck to you. I've found this board extremely helpful.

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