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a stupid topic???

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Maybe this seems strange to some of you, but I was wondering if there is a place that sells colon cancer awareness "stuff". Everywhere I look there are items for breast cancer, pink ribbons, M&M's, shirts, hats, etc. Not that I have money to blow or anything, but several of my friends have asked, and I am curious too. All those items have really helped increase awareness of breast cancer, and the funding has not hurt the breast cancer researchers any, i am sure. It would be great to put that kind of money into colon cancer research as well, IMO. Anyway, just wondering.

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I believe there is a bracelet-(blue?) and the ACS should be able to help here..where are you Jose?

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I got my blue bracelet from CCA website (see next post).


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There is a source for colorectal products that are similar to other cancers. Before I give you a link to the website, I do have to disclose the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) does get a small percentage of the proceeds and I am a volunteer with CCA. Now that I said that, products are available at www.imprintmall.com/ccalliance. Another way to access the site is to go to ccalliance.org and click the order merchandise tab. And blue is the color associated with colorectal cancer.

Recently, a necklace became available as well. That piece can be viewed at ccalliance.org.

Hope that helps,

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After posting 2 threads on tapeworms, I am the last to call any post stupid :)

Hey, how about let's come up with one?


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Charelaine, I agree with you 100%!!!!!! The breast cancer people are very well organized. Also, most are women and determined to fight!!! We are also determined to fight, yet I have discovered most people do not like to talk about their bowels, rectum, etc... Well, we do!!!! More people need to talk about these body parts. We need to have thousands of people marching to cure colon cancer!!! Start talking about your bowels!!! There is nothing to be embarassed about because knowledge can save lives.
When I march for breast cancer, I wear my dark blue ball cap. I talk to breast cancer survivors all the time. What I have discovered is that we all have this incredible bond...Cancer. If we had massive marches for a cancer cure, there would be a rainbow of colors representing all kinds of cancer!!! I pray that one of these days cancer will be like polio...practically gone!!! Terri

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Ahhhh... Pink Stuff... Well organized and well recognized (famous faces). The Colon cancer Alliance is the group that sells the Blue Bracelet - I still say a white one with a brown stripe down the middle of it is more colon cancer-appropriate (c'mon... if people can post about tapeworms let me have my fun, too...)

Not as many celebs talk about colon cancer - it's still a rather tabboo topic I think.

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I personally thought it was brown....hummm...
Actually, don't forget about Katie Courik...hubby died from crc...had colonoscopy on channel 4 during Today show last year.
But I DID find a BLUE ribbon (dark blue, light blue is prostate) at a swap meet of all places. I wear it right beside my pink one....I get to wear 2....nahnah! (one of the FEW perks with 2 different cancers...LOL).

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Well, I was thinking it, but I wouldn't write it! Thanks for stepping up. :)

I bet there is a real market for the colorectal cancer stuff! Get some patents rolling and make a million - then donate it all and get a tax break! Hmmm... some good ideas!


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When I had my colonoscopy last year and they found two large tumors, the technician took several pictures of them -- and they were all arranged on the same sheet of photo paper. The way the pics were laid out on that one sheet reminded of the cover to the Beatle's Hard Day's Night album. As a birthday gift for my roommate, I thought about making a t-shirt or coffee mug out of the pictures with a caption saying "Yesterday, all my tumors seemed so far away ... (above the pictures, and below the pictures) ... schedule your coloscopy now."

I never did because I can be relentlessly lazy about some things, but I thought it might have been a nice idea (even though the pictures were kind of gross, but that's what made it fun).


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I am with Terri - it's time people get comfortable talking about their bowels; it might save their lives.

So, I am rather smitten with 2 ideas:
1. A T-shirt that says "Got Bowel-Wow?"
2. A strethy little tubular wrist band - a mini colon of sorts - SpongeBob might want to paint in a little brown streak :) I might pencil in a little tape worm :)

Hey Kanga, I sure hope you're eating now!


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Not a stupid topic at all. At one of my church's cancer club meetings, we talked about this very thing-how breast cancer gets so much attention that it makes the rest of us feel a little neglected sometimes. No one in the group knew about the blue color, so we all got a good laugh when it was suggested that of course the ribbon should be brown. I really would like to get Katie Couric to start up a tidal wave of blue ribbon wearers-if they were readily available like the pink ones they would catch right on.

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