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liver resection and hepatic pump

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I have not posted here for a while but have been following on posts here frequently. My dad was diagnosed in Nov 05 with stage 4, with 5 nymph nodes positive and liver mets. Did a resection in december on his colon and removed lymph nodes. Now he has completed 8 rounds of Xeloda, Oxiliplatin and avastin. The mets on his liver showed partial response to the chemo. The doctor suggested a PET scan in April and will make a decision on whether a liver resection is possible and suggested a hepatic pump. If Pet scan is clear, the doctor still suggest a liver surgery to "scan" the liver and use radiation to kill the cells and install a hepatic pump. If Pet scan is not clear, a liver resection (if possble) and a pump installation.

Now my father is reluctant to do the liver resection and the pump as he knows it is an open surgery which involves risk and long time for recovery. Does any one here have a liver resection before?

The doctor said that the liver resection and the pump is for the prevention/control of recurrence. Any opinions on hepatic pump? How effective is it? Does it take a lot of maintenence?

My father read the Quillin book and is leaning on a dramatic change of diet. But after observing his eating habbit in Hong Kong, I am doubtful on how thorough he could be to do that. He is 62 and quite set in his ways. Is it really possible to use diet to "control" this cancer? He is taking Reishi, vitamins, selenium, CQ 10.
Any opinions or thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


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My husband had a liver resection and liver ablation and a colon resection all done during the same surgry in 12/05. He was about 10 days in the hospital---he had chemo before to shrink the tumors and started again less than a month after. A good web site that explains a lot about liver procedures is www.upmclivercancercenter.com It may answer many of your questions. Hope it helps. Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you from my husbands experience.

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Hi hicarm,

I don't know about the resection and things but I believe a change in diet helps. If you read earlier posts, 2bhealed is a over 4 year survivor of stage 3 colon cancer that did not do chemo. She drastically changed her diet and is NED. She has a wealth of info. The book your father read is great. I have read it too and used it to change my diet. JaDot will tell you that Reshi works great too. I believe we should do everything in our power to beat this. I am a stage 3 colon cancer. I had surgery for the tumor and now I'm on chemo. I will keep on fighting with everything in my arsenal. It sounds like your father has a positive attitude which will help in his fight. Good vibes your father's and your way! Take care.


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Hi Carm,

I had a liver re-section in January. It was not bad at all. Actually my colon re-section was harder. I am young though (34), so that might have helped a little with my recovery from the liver surgery. But still I think if he did ok with colon re-section, I bet he'll tolerate the liver surgery just fine.

Best Wishes to you and your Dad,


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Sorry about your Dad's diagnosis. I have the pump for over a year. This is my Oncologist and a good storyon the pump treatment Pump Therapy Video.
I've had success too, it's low maintainence. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me for more info

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