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Cool PBS special last night

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I just watched a PBS show on patient care last night. Dealing with pain handling and mind set and how it affects not only during cancer treatment, but after and for anyone else (heart patients, etc). Studies currently being done all over the country for this. Duke, Scripps, MD Anderson. BIG breakthru....HOPE makes a big difference (Why didn't they ask us, we cancer survivors have known that, like, FOREVER!).
Also, at Duke, first year residents are put through a training on how to better the patient/doctor relationship. Stop looking at the DISEASE the PATIENT has, but look at the PATIENT that has this DISEASE. Maybe there is hope!
PS....LAST (I hope) CHEMO yesterday!!! YAAAA!!!

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Hi Kathi,

Congrats on the last treatment yesterday. As I see in your posts... "I'm dancing for you". :)

Also about training the residents. That is great. They need to look at the patient and then look at the disease. Everyone is different on handling things and some doctors tend to forget this. I changed my first onc because of this. I felt like a number on his list and all he was worried about was the money he would get for me. Not a good feeling. Take care!


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Hello Kathi,
That was an awesome program..If you guys get a chance to watch it, if it repeats it was called "The New Medicine" about the mind/body connection.
Unfortunately I feel asleep during the second hour of it (after my bed time!). Did they ever talk about mind/body as it applies directly to cancer patients?
Anyway, it does apply to cancer patients and I strongly feel that it can CURE cancer patients.
I hope you all get a chance to see it,

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Kathi -

It must have conflicted with American Idol - I missed it. Any possibility for a re-run?


- SpongeBob (who is all about Paula Abdul!)
(well it's better than being all about Randy Jackson or Simon Cowell, isn't it?)

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Go to www.pbs.org and see, I don't know. But,
I wrote down number to call to buy dvd...
(800)229-8575 24.95, 9.95 Shipping and handling.
Only sad thing was that it opened with Dana Reeve looking so hopeful and full of life, talking about her current fight with lung cancer.
LOL with American Idol....will YOU be MINE???

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Sunday at 2:30 here in California, I just checked....Web site will guide you.


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Congrats on last chemo. Youmay now reclaim your life!


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