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PET Scan Wednesday, Flex Sig Thursday

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Yep, I got two big tests over the next two days. As a reminder, I was diagnosed stage four last May, with seven liver mets and a suspicious lung nodule. Six Folfox sessions (three months) later a PET scan showed no evidence of disease -- that was in September. Another PET scan in November also was clean. This is my first since then, and it's way overdue. My oncologist's nurse thinks I'll be okay since I've not had any symptoms and my energy level is good and I've been getting treatment (Erbitux and Avastin) all this time, so I'm hoping she's right. I'd like another clean PET scan, and another clean flex sigmoid exam too. Wish me luck!


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i am thinking about you and sending good energy (as opposed to my bad voodoo doll energy) your way!
I have a feeling all is well!

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Hi Rodney,
I'm sending positive energy your way and will be thinking about you!
I tried to e-mail you back, but couldn't figure it out. I'm not great on computers. I am going for a Master's degree in Educational Psychology for Marriage and Family Therapy. I have a BA in Child Development which led to teaching toddlers. I really love working with children and people in general. I have considered going for a credential to teach elementary school, but I hate how school is being taught in my area. They totally teach for national testing leaving out all the arts and any room for spontaneous creativity. I couldn't deal with that.
Take care and stay positive!

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I will be sending more good vibes your way for all good news!


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Prayers and positive thoughts your way, Rodney!!

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Rodney -

Wishing you the best. I just KNOW everything is going to test out OK. I'll be thinking of you.


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I'm sending such gooooood vibes....

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Hi Rodney
I wish you the best on Weds and Thursday. let us know the minute you get your results.


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All tha best from oz Rodney. We both hope that you will tell us in a few days that everything is fine mate.
Ross n Jen

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Best of luck Rodney- will be thinking of you. My b/f had the very same stage 4 diagnosis and has been clear since Sept- another scan at the end of April. He's also on Erbitux but with Xeloda.

Good luck!


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Hi Rodney,

Sending well wishes and prayers you way for great results on both tests. I hope your doctor gets the results back to you quickly so you can enjoy your weekend without worry.

Please let us hear from you as soon as you get your reports.



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Hi Rodney,

I am a little late but thinking of you and hope everything is going good. Very good vibes being directed your way!!!!


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"A 'clean' flex sigmoid exam"? Rodney - I'm not gonna touch that one! Let' just say I hope they always clean those things before they reuse them!

I'm curious why not a colonoscopy? I could probably get my annual done with a dental mirror and a flashlight, but I insist that they do the full colonoscope so they can push into my small intestine as well.

Whatever the case, my friend - kick butt! I'll say an extra prayer for you!

- SB

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Oh, SpongeBob, you gave me the BEST LAUGH I've had in a while....the visual is hilarious.....although I wonder....size of flashlight/size of colon....hummm!!!!
Thanks again for the laugh,

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