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Both parents fighting cancer ?

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Hey, I am seeking other young people in the same situation as I am in now: both parents fighting cancer at the same time.

For my dad this is the second relapse and he is going through a stem cell transplantation in a few weeks. He is suffering from a rare form of Non-Hodgkin´s lymphoma.
My mom has had four relapses(cancer in large intestine and liver) and this time the tumor cannot be removed by surgery. The only options left are percutaneous ethanol injections and sytostates. The first option did not work so we are counting on the latter to keep her condition stable at least for a while.

I am terrified, helpless and feel so alone with these emotions. I have plenty of people around me to talk to but there´s a need to find people who are going through (a somewhat) similar situation! Are there any?

I wish all you caregivers strength! Remember never to lose hope!

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i have eye cancer i need to hear from people with this and i will pray for you all. greg

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