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Decision Guide

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Although I found this on CT of A's website, it is not in any way an endorsement of their clinics..I know nothing about them.
The guide is a nice tool tho; for newbies or others just wanting to organize their thoughts about treatment options, questions to ask your doctor, Selecting a treatment center, or just organizing your thoughts about treatment decisions.


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Great stuff, Bud - You are the proverbial information superhighway CONDUCTOR! Al Gore would be proud...

Cheers, bubbah!

- Bob

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Posts: 1362
Joined: Dec 2003

yeah, I'm good, but Al invented it..thanks Sponge.

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A man of wisdom you are Bud. I don't think any of us have yet gained full knowledge of this crap. Every little bit helps my friend, especially for our new friends. TKS mate, Ross n Jen

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