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some good news for my daughters!

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hi everyone. i haven't posted too often but i read everyday and you have all helped educate me about so many aspects of this disease. i don't think there's a more intelligent and caring group out there. so thank you all for being my teachers. (never wanted to be in this school!)

anyway, long story short, my daughter was 22 when dx stage 3 rectal, 6/16 positive nodes. she has endured a total of 27 days in the hospital since last april. she had a terrible infection which delayed the start of her chemo, finally 6 treatments, surgery, radiation w/5fu, and now is halfway through her last 8 treatments. she has been able, through sheer determination, to continue going to school during all this and will graduate may 18th as an engineer! just had her first ct scan since last october and she is NED! i guess the scans will become more stressful when she is done with treatment, but we were sure happy to get this good news right now.

she also happens to have a twin sister who has no health insurance. once she graduated, she had to get off our policy. she spent time in americorps (domestic peace corps) and finally is home. she really needed to have a colonoscopy and her sister's gastroenterologist said he would do it no charge. she had it done this past thursday and i am happy and relieved to report that she is disease free! when i thanked this wonderful doctor he told me that this was actually a gift to himself, to know that she is healthy. he is truly one of our family's heros.

sorry if i've rambled on too long. i just really wanted to share good news. once again i thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. good health to all.


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Hey, Susan -

Great news! Congrats to both your daughters!

- SpongeBob

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Good news! Rambling is not rambling with news like yours! Colon ca has a way of changing us from healthy, active people to hospital/surgical patients and chemo crazies! Thank goodness for the news about your other daughter. Even though that is not the nicest test, it's sure great when it gives you good news such as this!
All my prayers for your daughter....what a fighter!!!!

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Great news Susan.
I am also a twin and have been after my sister to get tested . She has been having some of the same symptoms as i was , But she wont go !! She said she dosn't want to know .
I did talk my Mom into going and she just got her results yesterday .ALL CLEAR.WHEW !!!!!

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Hi Susan - great news for your daughters.

Best wishes,

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Wonderful news!

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Dear Susan,
That is such a wonderful story. I am really happy to hear that there are caring physicians out there and that your daughter is clear! Those two sound like a great set of girls!

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Hi Susan. ....22...geez, far too young. I hate this crap especially having seen so many young ones in my clinic that have various cancers. You know the one thing that is very striking about the young people I have seen?. Their attitude is incredible and that in itself is so heartening. So happy your daughter has met NED. She deserves congratulations for her achievements....well done!
There will still be anxious times Susan but we hope that NED will stay with her forever.
cheers, Ross and Jen

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