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Does anyone out there know of any organizations/companies that offer chemo medications at a lower cost? I know there are tons of places on-line where you can get meds less expensively, but it's hard to know if they're reputable or not and if the meds are authentic. I'm sure many of you are dealing with this. Last time I went through this it was difficult also, but that was 6 years ago so it seems like prices have tripled. I take Zofran for the nausea and just picked up 18 tablets today for $687.00! I also have to take steroids before the chemo that are also quite costly.

I know that Zofran is going to generic this year, just don't know when for sure. Anyway, any help you can offer will be much appreciated.

Hugs to all!


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Monika, Contact ACS as there are companies out there that help. I can't remember how you get ahold of them but have heard other women talk about it. Can't they just give you the zofran in your IV along with the steroids then the insurance company pays for all of it. I know that is what I do and have compazine at home if I need additional stuff after chemo, this drug is very cheap.

I am working on your shawl and should be in the mail next week.

Hugs and Prayers


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Partnership Perscriptions 1-888-477-2669 they can give u many resources and help

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I have some extra Zofran from my mother, she passed away in May last year. Does anyone know what I can do with it?

Use my name then @aol.com to reply

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