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Hello everybody I am new here

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I have been sitting on the internet for days now reading about possible symptoms of lung cancer due to some symptoms I have had. I am 32 and this started about 2 months ago. I have been having chest pain as well as pain between my shoulders in my upper back. I went to the doctor twice and he said it could have been from a bad cold I had which had me coughing alot for a few weeks. Since I was 21 I have smoked a little, probably every two weeks I will have a smoke if I am drinking with friends who smoke. Does anybody think this is lung related? Also how common is lung cancer at age 32?

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Does not sound like lung cancer to me. Why did your doctor not give you at the minimum a chest x ray. I think maybe because he did not think it was lung cancer either. Get the answers that you need from your health professionals and then go on and enjoy life.

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Hi. The internet is a great place to find information. It is NOT the place to look for diagnosis of a medical condition. I have had lung cancer, a heart attack, and a bad cold. Your symptoms could be from any of those, or maybe they are nothing at all. You definitely need a chest x-ray, so find a doctor who will order one. A visit to a cardiologist would probably be a good idea, also. If nothing is found, follow the advice in the previous post from CHG. Good luck.

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