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Just wondering how many of you out there have changed your diets since your diagnosis. I have heard mixed opinions re: cutting sugar and red meat out of your diet after a diagnosis of colon cancer. I know of some people who feel that they achieved NED with not only chemo, but diet changes as well. I have also heard of a book called "Beating Cancer With Nutrition." Does anyone know about this book? If so what is your opinion of it? Not sure whether or not to look into buying it for my dad or if it is just a waste of money. My dad's onc said that there are no studies that prove that eliminating sugar intake reduces your chances of cancer or recurrence of cancer. Any thoughts?

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I've changed my diet and it's just great. Have never so well before. Don't miss red meat and sugar at all.

The Patrick Quillin book is a must have. Your Dad's health is far too important to go by anecdotes. Please get the book and study it thoroughly. There are a couple of other books also very good, and better editted than the Quillin book. I strongly recommend those too - they are:

1. Nature's Cancer Fighting Foods by Verne Varona
2. What to Eat If You Have Cancer by by Daniella Chace, Maureen Keane, and John A. Lung
3. Spontaneous Healing by Andrew Weil.
4. Boosting Immunity: Creating Wellness Naturally by Len Saputo and Nancy Faass

Good readin', good eatin', live well and thrive!


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Well, I do declare...You have hit the 'money tree' with your post and questions.
There is a wealth of info about nutrition on this site; I am sure many good posts will follow. Yes to the Patrick Quillin book; worth a read - or two. I read it after lots of other research, so I was sort of thinking it would be even better than it is - but it still very good. Yes to cutting out sugar and red meat - I am a firm believer in cutting out anything refined which will be easily broken down to glucose...white flour and white sugar. The genetic changes that make a cancer cell take flight in terms of reproduction also need a lot of readily available food. Refined foods break down to byproducts which cancer loves and uses as fuel to grow and grow. If we can cut down on the food supply, we can cut down on the growth. That is simplistic, but somewhat at the base of part of the nutritional approach. The red meat thing (at least partly) is that it takes a body days (yuck) to process red meat...it ferments, it becomes loaded with junk in our intestines, and the slowness of the process creates a super environment for gross stuff. How is that for a medical opinion/explanation? (I am sure someone else will give a more scientific account...maybe not that much more factual, though).
The bottom line is that any change you make to go to a more natural, fresh, organic and plant-based diet will help your dad. More fruits and veggies, and more whole grains will help your dad and you as well. If you even start to Google 'nutrition and cancer' you will find a long list of sites to visit. At least check out the ones which wrtie about an alkaline diet and juicing. Do take some time to read about things and become familiar - and do not think that this approach is voodoo or incredibly hard and poor-tasting. It is easy and good tasting! Check things out and I am sure you will feel empowered and motivated. All the best to you and I hope you receive others posts leading you down a nutritional path! - Maura

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I see her jumping out of bed throwing on her mukluks, tossing the hounds some chow, as she runs for her computer.....

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Oh Barb, I cannot tell you how much I needed this laugh this morning!! Oh thank you! I really really really needed this laugh. You just put the smile on my face that better remain there now! :-)

peace, emily who woke up to snow this fine march morning.....sheesh, it's spring for crying out loud! HA!

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hi pink,

First of all, your onc can get away with saying that about sugar since it's probable that research isn't focusing on sugar (can you imagine the fight in THAT industry if they proved sugar caused cancer. I mean think about it!!!) Look at the cigarette industry! But I digress.....

Secondly, sugar CAUSES an acid environment that ALLOWS cancer to catch hold and grow grow grow!

So again, he can get away with saying that. And put into perspective that oncologists do not study nutrition. Why, I don't know but they don't. It would be like asking your plumber to come fix your car. Sure they both fix stuff but your plumber is not a mechanic.

So back to the sugar question......cancer can breed in an acid body but cannot survive in an alkaline body there fore it is imperative in regards to cancer to keep your pH in check.

Acid producing foods that you want to avoid:

Table salt
white vinegar
processed cheese
ice cream
fried foods

(this is taken from a chart that I have)

Beating Cancer With Nutrition is a good reference for what kind of supplements and thigs to eat for various cancers. It also works in tandem WITH chemo. It answers the questions about antioxidants and chemo (some oncs say no) and what to take to make the chemo even more potent. It's a must have in my opinion for all cancer patients only b/c I have not found anything out there that lays it out quite so simply. But JADot's list looks quite intriguing (and I second the Andrew Weil book--another must read!).

I did change my diet but only to modify it. I already was off sugar and caffeine and alcohol and dairy, but I didn't really understand the acid alkaline balance issue.

I was also familiar with juicing already so that was a plus too.

Here are my "credentials":

Stage 3 colon cancer 2/19 lymph positive with zero mets. I was dx'ed 4 years 8 months ago when I was 39 yrs old. My sister died of adenocarcinoma of the small intestine 9 years before my dx. she was 33. We had no prior family history and not one doctor ever told us to get scoped or I would have. We were all told her cancer was rare. But that's another story.

My oncologist at the Mayo Clinic prescribed adjuvant chemo of 5 FU/luecovorin which I declined. I saw what my sister went through with chemo and radiation and she died a horrible death that I wouldn't wish on anyone. It is ugly.

the chemo scared me more than the cancer so I set out to heal/cure my cancer using alternative methods that I researched diligently. I avoided "voodoo" type miracle cure claims and focused on nutritional balance, emotional balance and spiritual balance.

At the start I went completely vegan as part of a thorough detoxing cleanse. No animal products whatsoever. I juiced fresh organic veggie juices to which I added green powder, flax seeds and protein powder to the tune of 3 quarts/day. I worked with a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who spent an average of 5 hours on me once a week doing acupuncture, massage, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy and counseling. I did this for 6 months which we felt would be about the same had I done the chemo treatment route.

I continue to juice to this day.

Now let's talk meat.

There have been studies done that GRASS FED beef actually has cancer fighting agents in them but since the grocery store fast food variety is hardly grass fed it is best to avoid it for all the reasons that Maura gave. The transit time allows for too much putrification and it takes much digestive energy especially for one who is compromised with cancer.

This is where juicing can really do battle. It takes very little digestive energy and can pack a major nutrient punch.

Ok, I have probably gone way over my time limit here, but like barb said....if you bring up nutrition and cancer watch out.....I am flying to the computer screen!! haha

Here's an excerpt from Quillin's book:

"Primary causes of cancer include:
~poor nutrition; an excess, deficiency, or imbalance of any nutrients
~stress; the mind generates chemicals that can lower protective mechanisms against cancer
~sedentary lifestyle; exercise helps to oxygenate and regulate the entire body
~toxic burden, hence detoxification becomes crucial"

Colon cancer is 80% dietary. If you make no effort to change this then I believe your chances dwindle. I have NO guarantee that the route I took will keep me from dying of cancer someday, but I do everything in *my* power to ensure the best outcome.


Hope this helps.

peace, emily

ps. I don't care how well anyone thinks they eat already, I am sure there are adjustments to be made if we were really honest with ourselves. We're talking COLON cancer here....garbage in garbage out. (except that it gets stuck along the way and creates havoc in our pipes)!

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My wonderful, fabulous, precious, oncologist, whom I adore, bless his heart told me that JUICING WORKS!!!! From HIS mouth to my ears!

So there ya go.

peace, emily who loves the color orange (people think I am perpetually tan) :-0

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I agree that diet is one of the main things that we CAN take control of in this so called "battle" against cancer. There are so many reasons to change your diet and to eliminate refined sugars other than cancer, such as insulin resistance, etc. etc.
Maybe this can help your Dad to understand how cancer cells take in sugars....has he had a PET scan? Well, when the docs perform a PET scan they inject your body with a radioactive glucose (sugar). The cancer cells in your body readily take up these sugars much more so than healthy cells. The radiologist can then see the cancer cells because on the scan they appear pink. They then lay this PET scan over the top of the CT scan and they can then see whether or not a particular lesion is cancerous. Only the areas that are taking up a large volume of glucose "light up" on the scan. They have to be taking up a certain amount before a definitive cancer diagnosis is made.
With that being said, it is clear to me that cancer loves sugar.....

Of course we need a certain amount of sugar because otherwise our brains would cease functioning but we can get this from complex sugars such as vegetables, whole grain breads and pastas, etc. There is absolutely no reason to eat refined sugar (the white stuff). Not to mention that it leads to type II diabetes, etc. etc.

As for meat, please look on the Today Show website. There was just an article published by a doctor in England who has made the first link between red meat and mutations that take place in the DNA of the colon cells. I cannot explain it to you here, but please read it for yourself. This study just came out!

As for there not being any studies that prove that eliminating sugar intake reduces a recurrence.....with the above information regarding the PET scan doesn't it make sense to try not to give the cancer cells any additional "ammunition"? If we all wait around for there to be studies to prove something (for example, human induced global warming) then where will we be. Unfortunately with cancer we do not have an indefinite amount of time to wait around. We have to take charge of our own health and our diet is one thing that we can control.

I strongly suggest that your father consult with a naturopathic physician. (N.D.) who specializes in adjunctive care for cancer patients. Luckily my oncologist referred me to one who I have been consulting with all along.....

As for the book "Beating Cancer w/ Nutrition" I have not actually read that one but others to check out include the Perricone diet and also the "South Beach Diet"! You may be like what?? but the Perricone diet focuses on decreasing inflammation in the body (which has a big role in angiogenesis - the ability of a tumor to create its own blood supply) and the South Beach Diet focuses on eliminating refined carbohydrates.....

Take care,
Susan (who has achieved NED through not only chemo but diet!!)

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The Perricone diet is good; I have checked out his regimen and it is worth a read. I do not know if it follows an alkaline principal to the greatest degree, but it is a good path. Also, his instructions for supplements are pretty logical. Take care - Maura

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Hi Pink,

DXed stage IV rectal carcinoma with 3 mets to liver and 1 to lung in March 04. Surgery was not an option so I thought my only option was chemo. Did 8 months of folfox with avastin before I stopped it. The chemo worked at first but plateued all while making me feel like IT was killing me instead of the cancer. I found a naturopathic doctor with a PhD in Clinical Nutrition to help beat my cancer with God made things instead of man made poisons (medicines and so called food).

Mid November 04, I stopped chemo and completely changed my diet. I started juicing, taking the vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements my naturopathic doctor recommended. I concentrated on certain foods that she suggested also. I ate only organic and natural foods, drink at least 60 oz of water daily. I got rid of as many negative energies in my life as I could (it's hard when a few are in your own family).

By April of 05 (6 months later), CT scans no longer showed the lung, 2 of the liver mets, nor the original rectal tumor. The only lesion left in my liver was much less "conspicuous". In July 05, I heard the word NED (no evidence of disease) for the first time!!!! AND without any surgery. Before I was dxed, my colon perforated and I was given a tempy colostomy bag, my cancer was missed then but we found it 4 months later.

I got another NED report in Nov 05 and asked about reversing my bag. That was done Jan 3rd of this year. The surgeon also removed a foot of my colon/rectum, the lymph nodes, and visually checked out my liver and the rest of my adbomen. My liver and abdomen were clean, all lymph nodes were clean, but they did find a tiny tumor where the original one was that was too small for the testing to pick up. What had been a 4 CM was itty bitty and now GONE!!!!

I hope you now can see what nutrition can do for your body. Cancer felt comfortable growing inside of my body one time and I intend on NEVER allowing that to happen again. My bod stays alkaline now.

You know, when I stopped doing the chemo, several family members and friends thought I was giving up and ready to let the cancer kill me. I told them then and I say it now......I AM FIGHTING HARDER THEN I EVER HAVE!!!!!!! The ole ******* cells are going to have to find another body to invade. I look forward to the day when the truth about how the many of the foods we are eating are killing us, if that ever happens. There is so much $$$$$$$$$$$ involved, I doubt it will ever happen unless the masses demand it.

Do your research and join the rest of us that eat the way God intended for us to.

Lisa P.

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Lisa P.,
I am a 30 year old female recently (feb 2006) diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer...but an EXTREMELY rare form - small cell colon cancer. I have been eating no flour no sugar for a year and a half. I am currently undergoing chemo. just finished my 3rd round. I utilize the skills of a nutritionist, massage, energy work and continue eating cancer fighting food. I have a juicer. What veggies do you juice. Do you have recipies or regimines? I want to beat this with all I have. THank you.

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Hi Pink,

I just wanted to say that the people that posted ahead of me have changed my life. I have changed my diet with the help of these people and the books they have sited. I am also changing my families diets to prevent what has happened to me. I am also a diabetic so the "no sugar" is a great idea and a little bit of an obsession now. I read all cartons and try to eat only things that are 6 grams and less. It is amazing how much sugar is just in Milk. This has lead me to Soy milk which is just as good and better for you. I also want to say why not try everything in our power to beat this thing? I intend to keep on fighting for me and my family. Good luck and take care.


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Thanks everyone!!!

I will look into all of the info. you all gave me and try to convince my dad to change his diet!!!


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My experience was the best thing that I did was cut out sweets and red meat. I utilize a balanced diet eating every 3 hours. It really helped me be strong through my treatments and has helped the healing process. I also learned to hydrate with water regularly. With nutrition it is important to have regular exercise, at least 6 times/week (walk, jog, bike, or whatever gets you moving). Beating Cancer with Nutrition is excellent book and it has a CD that can be accessed in your computer. There maybe no studies for ONC, but I will tell you it can't hurt. I am 4 years in remission and believe the nutrition of fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables, absolutely works. You do need some fat in the diet, but do it in moderation. Need to start it with a good breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt, etc. I had problems with chemo brain (cloudiness, blurred vision at times, lack of focus and concentration). Started on this diet with good hydration and it helped so much. I learned to listen to my body. I know that treatments can be very tiring, but it is important to keep moving and start to eat well. The health professional do good things clinically (most of the time), but you need to compliment this with Nutrition/Exercise/Spritual (postive thoughts) to get well and stay well. Most health groups don't focus on nutrition and exercise. I also use vitamins (multi-vitamin and selenium). Stay away from prescribed drugs unless it is necessary. Even with major pain after my major surgery, I stayed with tylenol once I got out of the hospital.

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