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Worried now that it's two years later

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I have never seen and endo, since before my operation at Kiaser I guess they feel it is not nessasary, as a mater of fact this year they did not even schedule a check of my hormone levels, my prescription expired and i had to get an emergency fill, my "doctor" has not followed up or returned my calls.
I am experiencing and have done so since the operation, heart palpitations, burning over most of my body, and now have a constant chest pain when I breath. I am getting concerned, and don't know where to turn or what to do!!!!!

If you believe this, when I complained about the burning, they sent me not to endo, but to a heavy metal test in case I was being contaminated.. I was not and that was the end of it!!! I can't change plans now, Since I have had Cancer...

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This is unacceptable follow up.

You need to ask (even your family doctor!) to run a TSH, T4 and Thyroglobulin, and thyroglobulin antibodies blood tests.

Once those numbers come back, it is quite likely that you will need a change in the dose of your hormone - all of the symptoms you have described point to iatrogenic thyrotoxicosis.

This is just a fancy name for hyperthyroidism when we have no thyroid, caused by an 'overdose' or too high of a dose of thryoid hormones - but it can become serious, and does impact your heart. Please get blood tests done for this.

In addition, at least yearly, you should be receiving, at the VERY least, an ultrasound, neck check, and possibly a stimulated/hypo thyroglobulin level, and possibly an I-131 Whole Body scan.

Here are a set of guidelines which show suggested follow up of thyroid cancer:



Please - do not allow this to go by without being checked. Remaining cells have the ability to mutate into very serious variants, and thyroid cancer can recur at anytime, 1-2-5-10-20 years later. Our long term health requires, at the very, very least, annual checkups to watch for persistent or recurrent disease. I hope you will see a doctor soon, and begin this process.

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