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Colon Palooza 3

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Hi Everyone,

I'm sending another reminder that the deadline for hotel reservations is fast approaching for CP-3.

We would love to see everyone who can make it here in Austin. We have some things planned and some suggestions for sight-seeing.


Marriott at the Capitol
701 East 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701
Reservations: 1-800-228-9290

Reservations must be received by April 6 - We have a block of 15 rooms reserved at special prices - after April 6 the rooms will be put back into general sale.

Dates: April 27 - April 30 (some folks are arriving earlier and staying later)

Thursday, April 27

6:30 - ???

A dinner meet & greet party Texas sytle!!
(a free meal)

Friday, April 28

Tour of the CSN Offices at the American Cancer Society followed by lunch!
(another free meal)

Friday, April 28
(afternoon or Saturday morning)
A tour of the headquarters of Whole Foods Market

Friday, April 28
(just before dusk)
Watching literally millions of Mexican bats take flight into the evening skies at the Congress Street Bridge in downtown Austin. It is awesome -and really not as yucky as it sounds.

Saturday, April 29

Free day, if you like OR

side trips to:

1.LBJ Library
2.Lady Bird Wildflower Gardens
3.Lunch at the Oasis on Lake Travis (another gorgeous site)
4.The Texas History Museum

or for the more adventuresome

5. San Antonio and the Alamo (90 miles away)

One night will HAVE to be spent on the famous 6th Street where there are tons of live music places, lots of "interesting" people and lots of fun!

Everything is casual in Austin.

Come enjoy the wonderful friendship that will be solidified. Come share with your fellow Semi-Colons and caregivers who totally UNDERSTAND. Carpe Diem! Sieze the moment and LIVE.

Hope to see you in Texas, ya'll.


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Um... at which event will they be serving the Go-Lytely and Captain Morgan Rum punch?

You better put Scouty and Emily in restraints when you tour Whole Foods - they'll be walking out of there with their pockets full of organic fruits, vegetables, and juices...

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here's some additional updates he!he!
27th...tears, laughter,hugging, kissing, singing, line dancing, drinking......free meal!
28th....meet Jose, Greta,Dana n Catherine, more tears, more laughter, more huggin n kissin(eat yah heart out Sponger)....free meal!
28th..before dusk...as above but not so many tears.....bat pooh.....and yah can't eat tha bloody bats!
29th......hell...we'll do anything as long as we are with you guys!
luv from "vegemite land"

PS...Bob, I phoned Em and she cannot come....BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!SNIFFLE!,,bwaaaa

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Wow Kerry!
You've got quite the itinerary worked out. I will not be able to attend (darn!). I am going to St John V.I. (YIPPEE!) for the 2 weeks before then.
I'll be thinking of you all!

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I'm sorry we won't meet you in Austin, but St. John's sounds pretty awesome too. Have fun and relax.


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Hey all, I'm booked and ready to go! I am getting so excited about meeting ya'll and just getting away. I so need this! It's been such a rollercoaster ride and I think I just need some time to gather my thoughts.

OK, enough of this crap! I'm going to party and dance and have a great time. Just see if anyone can stop me!!!


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