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Hello again!

drmrgirl47 Member Posts: 129
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Hi everyone,
I am back from the colonoscopy and thank god..all clear. Doctor said I can cut back on my going for sigmoids every 3-4 months also. So all I have to do is go once a year for the colonoscopy and every 6 for the sigmoids. I guess I will still have to go for the ct scan and chest xray every 6 moths also. I will find out about that. Anyway, thanks again friends..that straw really helped. I could only get down 3 liters of the stuff and that was okay. Well, I will go lie down now. A little groggy, but feeling good. Talk to you all soon. Love and prayers always, Annette


  • lfondots63
    lfondots63 Member Posts: 818
    YEA!!!! Annette. Glad to hear it was an "all clear". Congrats and take care.

  • fedester
    fedester Member Posts: 753
    hi annette,
    glad all went well with scope. glad straw helped also. god is good always.
    all the best
  • jsabol
    jsabol Member Posts: 1,145
    Hi Annette, GREAT news; thanks for the update. Judy