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facing cancer alone

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I have a web friend who is facing cancer alone. I've encouraged her to get her friends to start a support circle. I seem to remember a book or article about a group of women who took care of a family where the wife had breast cancer. They met to plan meals, assign transportation/carpooling, arranged playdates for the kids and so forth. Does anyone remember such a book? I gave really practical advice to get started.

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Call the ACS (American Cancer Socity) and MD Anderson. They will call you back in your area and match you up with someone as close as they can to check on you. I'm at 9 months recovering from Breast Cancer (still getting over the side effects from chemo) but I get calls from them. In fact I just got a call from the local ACS here in San Diego and we talked. I complained about my silcone breast prosthesis being too heavy for my "Special Bra" and they sent me a soft foam one, for free! They also asked if I needed rides to go shopping, someone to cook for me, you name it. They will try and help in anyway they can. I just hope they have someone close. Your best bet is to get the phone # from this website and call. Go to the ACS Home page.
Good Luck!
Kathy R.

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