Dear Family...

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I'm Mary from Wisconsin and I just wanted to say "hello" to my new family.

I hope everyone is safe and well always. I thank God everyday he lead me to all of you here on this site.

I had a not-to-good day yesturday... my mom went for her first chemo treatment. I was a crying reck driving there; and when I got to the clinic I just broke down in her husband's arms. My mom came out from them taking blood, saw my face, and said, "Mary, what are you crying for? I'm fine and going to be fine. I'm happy and excited to be here!"

Happy and excited to be at a chemo clinic? Is this my mom? This woman is stronger than I am, everyone. She is truely amazing; I'm SO proud of her!


THE UNKNOWN is just so ungodly scary to me, everyone, I can't even tell you.

I just talked with my mom and she says she feels great and sounds even better than that. I just can't help but sit and wonder if and when (if even at all) she is going to feel effects from any of this chemo.

When she went on Wed. she has a port and was infused with Oxi - something and Avastin. Was also sent home with a 5FU pump. She's going to see her onconogist tomorrow to take the pump off and then back next week for more so...

Bare with me and my babble here family... each and everyday I am learning something totally and completely new.


God Bless and Good Evening to you all!
Mary ; )


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    Hey Mary...Believe me, this stuff makes you feel nuts, but you're okay. You'd be nuts if you weren't scared.

    Mom's are amazing people. My wife used the 5FU pump, and it was awkward, but not too bad. The side effects seem to vary for everyone, and from the way you talk about you're mom's positive attitude, she's going to do fine. Take her hand in yours and walk with her when she's tired, and try to keep up with her when she's having good days. She seems to be an admirable woman.

    You'll hear from some wonderful people on this site. Take care and good luck to you and your mom.

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    Stay strong for your Mom she will have a bad day and thats when you need to be there for her. Whether you just hold her or cry with her but it will happen one day. Your Mom sounds like an amazing women tell her to keep that great attitude I believe it helps in the treatment.
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    Hi Mary,

    Your mom is awesome! Such a great attitude and that will help. It sounds like she is on a similar regiment to me. Everyone is different with the side effects. Right now mine are manageable. Just naucea, diarehea and tired. I'm still working so don't worry about her. She sounds like she will take it in stride. Like everyone said just be there for her. You are not nuts just normal like the rest of us. Worried and scared. HUGS and take care.

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    Dear Mary,

    Your mom's courage and strength will get her through this phase of her treatment. Your response to seeing your mom going through this is natural. We hate to see the ones we love suffer. Stay positive and BELIEVE all will be well.


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    Mary, take a lesson from Mom. Keep as upbeat as possible. My mom survived breast and endometrial cancer, is alive and kickin at almost 84!!!!! She was upset when I met the monster in the form of colon, then breast cancer. I'm a mom, too, and I keep telling my kids that this is just something to get THROUGH, not the end! I don't allow gloom and doom. Counterproductive to my fight. Your mom sounds the same. Does that mean you don't have downs? Of course not, THIS STUFF IS HORRIBLE!!!! But try to find a little laugh everyday. Peace will come. Talk to someone at the center where your mom's going. The Patient Care Coordinator at mine is FABULOUS....knew just how to help me AND my family. And remember....
    "I came with a colon, left with a semi-colon, and lost my period (hysterectomy). So are the punctuations in my life!"
    Thoughts and prayers,
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    Mary, you are soooo NORMAL!! I have cancer - stage 4. I am 35 years old. This changed everything. My husband is amazing - I am so incredibly lucky to have found and married such a great guy.

    I am strong. Everyone tells me. It is simply my way of dealing. It kills my hubbie. I think it is MUCH harder on the people who love us, than for ourselves. I am in fighting mode. It is what I do. Chemo wears me out a little. I feel tired and don't work out after work, but I still do everything. You mom sounds like a tough cookie.

    When my hubbie cries I hug him; and I know how much he loves me. I never think he is crazy or weak.

    You do what you need - cry, laugh, break down, hug... NO BIGGIE! IT IS ALL OK. Tell your mom how strong she is and that you love her.

    Hang in there. It gets easier with time because all the treatments and interventions will be demystified.

    Have a good day and hug your mom. jana