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Stage IIIA Squamous NSCLC Info Needed

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My mother-in-law has Stage IIIA Squamous cell cancer (she is 62 yrs old, is diabetic (no insulin yet), was a smoker, but has not smoked for the past 10 years). She has a large (egg size) tumor on the upper part of her lung and today the doctors confirmed the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes. They were going to do a lobectomy if the lymph nodes were clean. This is not an option now. We find out tomorrow what her treatment plan will be. If anyone has any information (websites, message boards, etc) or suggestions on what we can do for her we would really appreciate it. We live in AZ and she lives in IN (she is currently up in MN at the Mayo Clinic). We have done a lot of web surfing and gathered as much info as we could. This message board has been very up-lifting and I have enjoyed reading all the wonderful posts from those have beat this nasty thing called lung cancer. Thank you! Michele

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Hi my husband has 111a Squamous non small cancer and has not smoked for 20yrs. His tumor is the size of a quarter on his right top lobe and going through his main bronchi tube.The doctor said he was stage 2 and was going to do a sleeve resection but when they went in he had one lymph node that had cancer. They stopped the operation and only took out the lymph node and staged him at 111a. He was put on clinical trials and just finished his treatment Feb.26th. Chemo every monday for 7 weeks(taxol/carboplatin) and radiation every day for 8 weeks. No side effects from the chemo but the radiation was bad.(burning sensation when he eats) He ate lots of mashed potatoes and soups. You and your family are going to have up and down days ahead of you, but stay strong for one another.I pray every day for my husband and i will also pray for your mother in law and your family. Take care

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I had stage 3A nsclc. My Pet scan showed infected lymph nodes. I received daily radiation and weekly chemo(carbo/taxol) for six weeks. My lymph nodes were checked on the surgery table and were clean and I was able to have surgery. After surgery I had adjuvant chemo twice. I hope this information helps.

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Hi. Reading about your mother in law is somewhat like looking at myself in a mirror. I was diagnosed as IIIa, incurable/inoperable. Chemo/radiation and surgery fixed my up. I'll be five years out, next month. Have a positive attitude and believe! Being so far away from her makes it difficult to help, but keep in close touch by e-mail and/or telephone. It's important to her that people stay in touch with her. Ask lots of questions of her, about treatments, etc. If she's not up to communicating, stay in touch with another immediate family member, if possible. I'll keep her in my prayers.

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I was reading some of the messages and saw where you had Stage IIIA squamous nsclc and are 5 years out now. My husband was diagnosed IIIA squamous 2 years ago on March 31, he had the entire right lung removed and 7 weeks of daily rad and every Monday chemo (carbo/taxol) then 1 yr it mets to rt leg ( tibia) rod inserted after rad to leg, now shows mets to rib area and thoracic vertebrae ( very very small areas) I guess I just needed to know how many times you had treatments or if yours was a success the first time. We trust in God to get us through all of this in whatever way he has decided but sometimes I get so down and worried for him. We hope that this round of chemo they just started last week will do the trick. Just wondering.

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I also was stage 3A Non Small Cell LC. Smoked since I was a child, stopped about 3-4 years before being diagnosed. I had some lymph node involvement and am also a diabetic (I take insulin twice a day). When I was first diagnosed, they said that they were not planning on surgery. They gave me 6 weeks of daily radiation and 7 weekly chemo treatments. Once that was done, they changed their minds and decided to remove a portion of my left lung. Once they got in there, they had to take the entire lung. They said that I responded so well to the radiation and chemo that they changed their mind about the surgery. Feeling OK now but I had my good and bad days. Good Luck

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Thank you all so much for your messages and support! It really helps our family to hear such positive and uplifting stories! God Bless you all, we are keeping you in our prayers as well. My mother-in-law starts her 6 weeks of weekly chemo and daily radiation tomorrow. My husband was able to use the FLA for time off to fly up to Mayo and be with her for the last two weeks of treatment and then drive her back home to Indiana. We have hope for her and each one of you and your loved one's who are fighting this battle!

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