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Just wanted to let you all know that my colonoscopy went perfectly on Friday. Nothing...no new polyps, no sign of recurrence. Dr. said that he would see me again in 3 years. I just want to thank all of you for your kind words of encouragement. It means so much during trying days. I especially feel better hearing how difficult follow-ups are for all of us. It makes me feel like less of a chicken-$%#@! Now I just have to figure out the rest of my life...but it's a little easier with that test behind me (ha ha!). Well, 7 years and 2 months after diagnosis I am still disease free and considered cured. For anybody new here, keep the faith. It does happen! Thanks again survivors. We are a special breed!

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That is GREAT news and gives such hope to other survivors and caregivers. It is wonderful that you still post after so many years being NED....but we need you! So do not stop posting! I hope this latest news will help you sort out the other aspects of your life. My husband is doing well too....nearly three years after diagnosis but his job as a consultant attorney is very stressful, especially as he is a worrier. Sometimes, I just want to hide him away from it all and protect him for any stress, but I realize that is not possible. Ah, life is tough!


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Hurray!! Celebrate... and have one for me! I am so happy for you, and hopeful I can get a free and clear report.

I agree with the others. you are a generous person who realizes how much others need to know about you. Thank you for taking time to share with everyone.... you give us all hope. :)

Stay well - keep the big picture in mind, jana

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hi runner.
great news, now you can move on with your life.
congrats again.
all the best

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Great news mate ,now on with the adventure called LIFE,you really have done well Ron.

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Runer -

I am SO happy. You are an inspiration to all of us. 7 years and 2 months! How wonderful! I am celebrating 9 and 1/2 months since diagnosis and current NED status. I can only imagine how great SEVEN years is. But, I am sure looking forward to it.

Great news.


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Woohoo! congrats RunnerZ. 7 years from now I have I'll post something similar!


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Congrats on the all clear. You give the rest of us hope. I can't wait to say seven years all clear.


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Great news. Very inspiring!


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Hooray!! Excellent news.

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Great news..I am happy for you..Audrey

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Hopefully you have a personal web page; this kind of news needs to be permanently shared. It means a lot to people who are waiting, waiting for this or that test, etc. We sometimes put our lives on hold while waiting, and forget to live each day to the fullest extent possible. Thanks for sharing your positive information. Bud

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G'day Runner...I am sure that you too have endured some hard miles on your journey mate.Now you have the other kind of courage...to know that many here need your inspiration! We all share the good and the bad times.....but the best part is hearing of long term battles fought and won.
Your story will always inspire hope...many thanks mate, Ross and Jen

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GREAT NEWS. Time to breathe again and get back to those life decisions! Thanks for keeping us posted; to hear that word "cure" is inspirational. Judy

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