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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

the embarassing cancer...

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The night I was diagnosed with vulvar cancer and found out I would need surgery within the week I e-mailed a few friends at work telling them my diagnosis in clinical terms and the needed surgical treatment.

Two days later the director called both my manager and myself into her office. I was sternly, verbally reprimanded by our director.
According to her I gave TOO MUCH personal information. In addition I was told I showed a complete lack of judgement and professionalism. The words labia and vulva in particular were pointed out as being both inappropriate and offensive! I was dumbfounded! Initially I thought someone was offended by my prayer request.

I was told that 'it' was private; and to keep it that way. I considered my e-mail to be sort of a PSA in addition to explaining my upcoming absence to people I often collaborate with. It never occurred to me people wouldn't be able to look me in the eye without envisioning my lopsided labia. Some even considered it to be pornographic in nature. I guess I should have said I have a boo-boo on my hoo-hoo and let people inquire further if interested.

Has anyone else experienced this type of silly reaction in the workplace?

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What suprised me the most was that alot of women did not even know the term vulva. I feel for you girl. That was so uncalled for. We can talk about sex toys and things that vibrate, but forgive us if we have a cancer in an area unfamiliar to most. I own my own business and everyone saw that i was not "feeling well" questions came out. My husband "bless him" did not know what or how to explain. I told him, "If they want to know, then tell them to talk to me."
Some asked and I told. I have been lucky, they listened and prayed for me and understood. The community I am in did nothing but give me total support. If you need to talk or just want to vent e-mail me at wdriggers@comcast.net. In my opinion that just goes to show how ignorant society can be.
Good luck

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My wife's work automagically blocks any email that contains "offensive" words. She had to use "public" email to discuss her situation with her work friends.
We decided that it was her company's way of dealing with a potentially litiginous population, and we did not take it personally.
I'm just sorry that not more of her "friends" have contacted her since she had to quit work.
Thanks for bringing up the subject.

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