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Hi all! I am new to the site and very scared. My husband has just been found to have a carcinoid tumor on his right lung, he is 34 yrs old. Was advised by many surgeons to have it removed, the right lower and poss middle lobe. SO he is sched for surgery on 3/20. HAs anyone out there had the same or similar diag and if so what is the recovery period and breathing like post surgery. Can you go about your daily life and activities?

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Hi. I'm a 5 year (almost) survivor of lung cancer. Although not the same type of cancer, I did have the upper lobe of my right lung surgically removed. My surgery consisted of going in through my back, about a ten inch incision, cutting one rib, and removing the lobe. The incision healed quite quickly and well. The surgeon also inserted two drainage tubes, which drained the chest cavity of accumulating fluids. I remained in the hospital until the fluid in the tubes was clear. Then the tubes were removed and I was sent home. I was slow to recover, but I was 67 at the time. Your husband is much younger, and should recover more quickly. He will, in all probablity, be given a small device to be used for breathing exercises. It is very important that he use the device, and follow the instructions of the doctor. Post-surgery, I initially had a hard time taking a deep breath. I had the sensation of not being able to fill my lungs. This is where the breathing exercises come in. Your husband must not panic. He must be patient, and within a short time, the sensations of not being able to breathe properly will subside, and he will again be comfortable. He should be able to resume his normal lifestyle after a few months. Statistically, according to my surgeon, a person can run a marathon on one lung. Best wishes. Keep us posted.

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I wanted to thank you first for replying to my message. I can actually speak with someone who has gone thru this procedure and make me or help me understand the process. My husband thank god, has been very positive. I just fear the worst as usual and that is just me. It is my way of handling things. I just feel so bad that he has to go thru this. He has been given the breathing exercise device and we have it here at home. He will begin to use it before his surgery. It is devastating that someone so young has to go thru this. Matter of factly anyone that has to deal with "cancer". We have a young boy and just want my husband and him to be able to play sports. I know that it is going to be a rough few months ahead, but I have to be strong and he does to for we have a 4 yr old and it will be tough for him as well for he can't play rough around him for a little while. So you say that he should use this device before and after his surgery to help aid his breathing? How often, and how long is the recovery period? I know the MD had said they would try and use a different approach where they would spare the muscle, as they are going in through the side and under his arm. He said about 4 inch incision. So he said, he better be telling the truth. Anyhow, I wanted to say thank you for a positive note, you stay strong, I am glad to hear about the 5 yr mark! That is fantastic, and yes you are a SURVIVOR of this awful thing called cancer.

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The good news is that your husband is going to have surgery. He is young and the surgery and recuperation are doable. I had surgery July 1st, 2005. I had an upper right lobectomy. I was back at work in September. Other than numbness from the surgery I am doing okay. I was staged 3A and I was 57 years old at the time. I do not notice any lung deficiency. I walk, I swim, I have not had short of breath problems. Yes I did use that little plastic contraption that they give all of us. I will keep your husband and you and your family in prayer.

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