survival after metastsis

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Does anyone have any information regarding the survival time after metastasis has been diagnosed.
My oncologist is very vague about possible survivability. I am not looking for doom and gloom just what to realistically expect.


  • bitaday
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    the survival time after metastasis depends on the stage of cancer.if you have bone metastasis, it is about 30-40% for 5 years.but it is really diferent in diferent ages and difrent a case which was under treatment and after it the cancer returns, survival time is longer than whom is diagnosed with metastasis at first.when metastasis is diagnosed, the only option for treatment is anti androgen is a goog treatment and it limited the malignant cells some cases it works even for 10 years and more and some time cancer would be under control for ever.but usualy it will be refractory to hormontherapy.and then chemothrapy will be start.this happens within 3-5 years after treatment.but you can find many people who are using anti androgen and they live for several know that there is nothing predictable in human!!!Do not think about time you have.enjoy your life and bilieve me you will live for a long time,if you whant to.