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quick ER trip

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Hi again. well, sorry I was MIA. I was feeling a little crummy on Friday afternoon, got progressively worse Sat. Then Sat night I began throwing up anything - and I hadn't eaten all day. All the pain pills (narcotics) stuffed me up. I hadn't pooped since Tues morning and I ate a normal diet on Thurs and Friday. I stopped all pain meds on Sat, but felt terrible. I took all sorts of constipation meds; some OTC, some Rx. But I couldn't keep any of it down.

I went to the ER Sat at 5:30pm. They finally gave me IV drugs at about 7:30 and took some x-rays. The meds worked and I was about to go home at 10pm, but then the radiologist said there was a minor possible problem in my intestines and he wanted a CT scan. BUT I had just puked my guts out and couldn't possible drink the contrast.

All the doctors and nurses left me alone until 2:30am, at which time I made a doctor come in to get "royally reprimanded". I then left AMA (against medical advice). Pretty nice for an MD!!

BUT - the meds worked, I pooped like a champ, and now I am back to feeling good. I went to lunch with my mom, went grocery shopping, trimmmed the plants out back and finished getting the house ready to go on the market. Anyone moving to Houston area?

I promise to stay in closer touch! I am off to bed now.

Wish each and everyone of you my best! Speak to you soon. jana

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Hey there,
I just emailed you one minute ago, thinking you were just "flying along" doing great, and then I read this.....anyway...I AM glad that "everything came out ok"...and that you are feeling much better. I'll talk to ya soon....

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Hi Jana, Im new, so please forgive my ignorance. I had bowel surgery about a year ago for ca. 4 months later was feeling ichy, tummy hurt REAL BAD, started throwing up. I just thought it was flu. Called my surgeon 2 days later, got to ER, he found it was a bowel obstruction. Put a tube down, hospitalized for 5 days for 'complete bowel rest'. Didn't go away, surgery to remove 3 inches of small intestine. Have had 2 since, handled with pain killers, forced water, and walking. I got scolded that "each is different, should be taken very serious after 5 hours of symptoms" (I wonder if part is my MD did a great job...doesn't want to ruin it). The good news is the last ER visit I was told they don't like to do surgery too early, most obstructions pass by themselves. But not to self diagnose. My excuse from now on for ER visits...LOTS of good looking docs!!!!!!
Keep up the good thoughts.

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Sorry, Jana, for being such a worry wart. Just my mother hen instinct! Being plugged up is the pits...glad you could go out and get on with it!

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Wow, Jana, what a story. I was wondering how you were doing over the weekend, and now I see that the weekend wasn't so fun for you. Anyway, it's good to know that you are okay now. I hope that it stays that way ... I'll talk to you soon.


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I'm glad it came out! Also glad that it wasn't bowel obstruction because that hurts like a SOB. Glad to hear you are doing better! Sue

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Yipes! Just what you didn't need! But, so glad you are outa there, and that the problem resolved.

I had a similar situation several months ago -- a suspected blockage -- I didn't think it was -- resulted in me being written up in my medical charts as refusing appropriate treatment -- and I went home AMA! Anway -- it resolved.

Best wishes,

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Hi Jana,

I am so sorry that you had to experience a bowel obstruction!!! Not fun! On my second one, I had to call an ambulance. I almost waited to late thinking I would get better. I am so glad that it resolved and you are back to healing. I think of you so often and admire your spirit.



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Hi Jana....aw....now didn't I tell you tha other day that you had to take it easy gal? Grocery shopping, plant trimming and household chores are fine gal....but...did yah have to do that 10 mile run, white water rafting, parachuting, rock wall climbing all in tha one week?......lol!
No wonder your intestines clammed up on you!
Just kiddin sweetie.....but for gawds sake you take care...wanna see you in Austin "full o beans" and ready to party!
luv always, Ross n Jen

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Well I guess it wasn't really AMA was it? (You advised yourself!).

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I am so glad that you are feeling better and back on the road to recovery.


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you guys are sooo great. Thanks for all your care and support. Makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy. :) j

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Ohhh Jana...bowel obstruction not fun...been there done that. I had two after my rectal surgery last September. I'm sure you know but just too add...walk a lot if you can and be careful what you eat for a little bit especially while on the narcotics. I'm sure you're being extra careful to avoid constipating foods and drinking plenty of water.

Best Wishes,

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Hi Jana!!
I haven't been on the board for a while. I was reading things and I was wondering how you were doing then I saw your post.
I am glad that things are going better!!! You have to take it easy once in a while!
I am looking forward to meeting you in Austin!!!
I can't say that I am not nervous. I have never been to an Airport or have flown before so it show be interesting.

Please take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing.

I tried to email you but it didn't go through. I guess I still have more work to try and figure out how to strigthen out this mess.

Love Always!!!

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