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CT & Bone Scans back.....What next?

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My dh's ct & bone scans came back and we were very confused. The CT scans of the chest, abdomen & pelvis were mixed results....liver lesions have shrunk (which was excellent news), but......there is always a but....the lymph nodes have all increased as have the lung lesions (1 so much so that they were unable to make a comparison from the last scan due to the increase of the number of lesions). The most disturbing news was that there was a lesion on the bone scan (spine). This all happened last Tuesday....and since then my dh has been admitted to hospital due to pain in his back. An MRI was done and there are two lesions in his lower back, confirming that the cancer has spread to his spine. His mobility has decreased dramatically over the past week and he is unable to walk anymore without suport of some kind. He is unable to walk more than 1 metre and is using a wheelchair. The onc has arranged for radiotherapy on his spine (in the next few days) and he is in being treated for pain management......after all that .....my question is.......has anyone else experienced the same situation....and what happens from here. I'm so frustrated because I don't know how to help him.
Sorry for such a long post and venting but this sucks so much


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Maria, yeah it does suck! I haven't experienced this, but I see my onc on Wed before treatment, I'll ask her. Thank goodness for pain management...does that mean drugs as well as "good thoughts"? I found with my pain, I couldn't fix on the fight while my pain was there. My thoughts are with you, I'll let you know what I find. Kathi

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Gosh - sometimes it seems as if we are working with a moving target...we think cancer will react predictably....not always so. I am running into the same thing with myself....unfortunately. Being tested tomorrow for lymph node involvement outside of the normal liver and lung areas of spread.....Anxiety plus! All I can say id keep a steady hand on info coming to you and ask questions - and I guess pray for insight and good logic. Confusion about cancer will abound, that is for sure. All the best to you - Maura

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I'm sorry, Maria, to hear of this news. I have not been in this situation before. It is so true... this is not fair. It really sucks. Keep tuned to what is going on and always ask questions. Maria, my prayers and thoughts are with you. Terri

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Hi Maria....sorry to hear that you have had so much hardship...and you know, this really does make it hard on carers, spouses, family. I know 'cos my dear wife, Jen went thru every single emotion you have now Maria...and it ain't fair!
As a fellow ozzie I am glad you found this board and hope that you will feel the warmth that I have found here. I am one of the lucky ones Maria and have found NED and being stage 2 cannot help you with your question. Maria, venting is a part of our lives here, so is faith in beating this disease...have faith in the support you will get as others attempt to answer your questions.
Our very best to you both, Ross and Jen

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I am so very sorry you are dealing with of this. How terrible. Hopefully the radiotherapy will tame this beast.

You ask how to be the best support - you already are. Just asking the question shows how much you care. Simply be there. My husband gets so frustrated with my disease, but he is my rock. I know he feels helpless. I would be lost without him.

Just be there and express your love. Make sure not to get too overwhelmed - you need to keep yourself OK, while this fight moves along.

You will remain in my thought and prayers. jana

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