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i had a nodule in january, then had surgery in march 05, found out it was cancer than had I-131 treatment. at the age of 21, after spending a year and a half in iraq with the army. just great huh. I served my country and ended up with cancer. i have to go for treatment in april at the one year mark. is there any other food ideas for the low iodine diet, i had went to the thyroid website, but nothing good. in my opinion the treatment was worse than the surgery. Also my doctor said that instead of taking me off the medicine, he was going to give me hormone shots has anyone heard of this?

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I'm not sure what thyroid website you checked out, but you may find links to other relevant sites on this webpage www.cancergen.com/thyroid

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I too have had the Thyrogen shots instead of being taken off my Synthroid. Twice. My side effects were considerably less than going "hypo". I was "hypo" for my R 131 and suffered greatly. Another thing is that even with my insurance the shots were very expensive.
But I could function better with my job and kids.
I am curious to see what others share.
Hang in there with the Low iodine diet-it is definately a challenge for me too. I live on bananas, avocados, peanut butter(unsalted though I add kosher salt) the muffins in Thyca's cookbook, unsalted matzo crackers and green tea
Good Luck to you. Jacqueline

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I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis - you have been through alot at a young age.

On the issue of shots instead of hormone withdrawal, you will find full details here:
The main website is:

The Low Iodine Diet is still needed if you are having a scan done (some doctors test thyroglobulin only with thyrogen... but if you are having a scan, you should do the low iodine diet).

Here are some resources for the low iodine diet:
Free Cookbook
And there is a new book available, that has lots of details and recipe ideas to help you along with this, too:

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Hi, sorry to hear that you got thyca after Iraq but I as a survivor of thyca also see it as a chance to be a better person and help out more people with thyca. A good place for a low iodine diet (LID)is THYCA.Org they have a cook book that you can download and lot of info on what to eat. You will not be able to eat any seafood, shellfish, no dairy of any kind or processed foods (cookies, chips, etc)because of all the soy and iodine in the foods that we eat. You actually get to eat pertty healthy meals and if it is recommended that you prepare and freeze many of the foods so that all you have to do is nuke the meals while you are going through Hypo-hell. The diet includes lots of fresh fruits and veggies, lots of salads, you are allowed 3oz of meat, poultry and pork. CHeck the site out you'll be amazed at all the info. You are not alone!! By the way I am currently undergoing the LID diet and I have lost weight since I don't pack the munchies down and have replace snacks with fruit and veggies.
The shot is called Thyrogen but not all insurance plan cover it. you only do the diet for 3 days and then you get the shot. Unforunately my insurance Tricare Prime (ret. military) does not cover it.
I wish you lot of luck and hope all goes well for you.


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