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RE: Recurrent Vaginal Cancer

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My mother was diagnosed with vaginal cancer 3 years ago. She underwent radiation therapy, chemotherapy and pelvic exoneration. The cancer has come back in the pelvis and her lung. Does anyone know of treatments, western and alternative, that could help in this situation? Thank you.

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Hi Cindy - Your mother has been through so much, but sounds like a very strong woman. You are a wonderful daughter to her and while I don't know of treatments other than faith, surgery, rads, and chemo., I'm sure her pride in you keeps her going. My cancer was diagnosed and treated with surgery and rads in 2003, probably about the same timeframe as your mother. So far, so good, but I know that only time can tell. I wish you and your mother the best and please know that you are both in my prayers. Keep in touch, Maggie Ann

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You need to check out the National Cancer Institute for help - clinical trials etc. See http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Sites-Types/metastatic

It is critical to get the best help as soon as possible because of the lung cancer diagnosis. How was her original cancer staged? Did she complete the full amt of radiation and chemo? I know that it is so much harder with older women to tolerate all the radiation. My daughter was stage 3 and it will be 8 yrs since the diagnosis and first treatment. But the radiation has been devastating! You wonder sometimes why they can't figure out something better.

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I agree

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While I know this is an old thread, I hope perhaps someone could shed some light.  I'm seaking support or guidance for my mother who also has had her vaginal cancer spread to her lungs.  She just underwent treatment at the end of 2019-early 2020 and received a clean bill, but less than 6 months later, it has returned only to her lungs this time.  Therefore, it is classified as Stage 4. We're kind of freaking out but I want to be strong and help get as much information as possible.  I have heard that Stage 4 isn't necessarily a death sentance, but just a deciding factor on what will be the "end cause" at the end of the day.  She has no symptoms yet and will begin agressive chemo soon.  We go to Hopkins next week to see if there are any trials, etc. and learn more.  Any insight on others with Stage 4 and how they live life as their new normal would help.  

Thank you. 


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