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penile implants

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Anyone with 'experience' with one of these devices? Maleable vs pump? I would surely like to hear from you.

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Check the second page of this site...Stuart, 2/12/06

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Sure, I got my implants August of 2005. What do you want to know? You can ask me anything, I am far from bashful now. haha. You may want to read what I wrote to Stuart on page two when he asked the same thing...or I can tell the story all over again. Which ever you prefer. E-mail me your questions if you want. I have the pump. It works great for me but then not every guy is the same.

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hi.. stumbled across your (dated) comments on this site..am considering implant procedure (post prostatectomy) and would greatly appreciate discussing various aspects thereof... jongar@snet.net

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