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liver cancer

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my husband has just been told he has liver cancer and they are going to give him chemoemolization treatment. i have trawled the internet but still don't know what to expect. the tumor is 9cm x 9cm. does anyone else have experience of this type of tumor and what can we expect from the treatment.

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Hello! I have primary liver cancer. I have RFA (radio frequency abalation done on my liver.). Its done laproscopically(can't spell) under anthesitic, overnight stay, then next day have cat scan to make sure everything is allright then home and back to work in a week or less. My tumors were large also. I had a 9cm, 8cm, 7cm, 6 & 5cm..
My cancer is very rare. It is called angiosarcoma of the liver. Which means that it is in the blood vessels of the liver. I have never smoked or drank. Was told 3 years ago that I would be dead by Christmas. But they didn't know the greatest physician!! We talked about chemoemolization but decided this would be best for me. It is well worth checking out. I am doing great. But in my case, my will always come back because of my blood but I can have as many RFA as it takes. Will keep you in my prayers.In Gods Love Barbara

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What is Chemoemolization and what does it entail?. My brother has angiosarcoma in the spleen which was removed and it has metastasized into his liver. We are desperate for another possible solution.

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