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Cryotherapy? 2nd cancer Diagnosis for me!

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Anyone out there have any results from cryotherapy? I have not seen much on this site about this type of treatment. I was just diagnosed today with early prostate cancer. Age 46 with 4.2 PSA 1 Biopsy came back positive.
My father died of prostate cancer at age 51 back in the late 80's when there were few new treatments. Also this is my 2nd cancer diagnosis. Head & Neck Cancer. You can view my web page on this site by doing a search for:
"A sqaumous nose that had to go"

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It seems like you have early stage prostate cancer...Have you considred other treament options? Such as surgery or radiation

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I am sorry to learn of your diagnosis with prostate cancer.

Your recent experience with cancer has established you as a fighter with a winning record. You have a distinct advantage in choosing a treatment plan. That is, "You know the value of research". There are several treatment options to consider with prostate cancer. Some are more curative than others. Most have undesirable side effects, some of which may be overcome with time. Health issues can sometimes limit the treatment choices.

What is your Gleason Score and Stage at this time. Unlike your prior experience, prostate cancer is slow growing. Research the various options and the side effects of each.

When you make a treatment decision, be content and don't look back.

Good Luck,

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I just got my Gleason score..6
so I am looking at a T1c stage
I am looking at radiation since I have already endured major rhinectomy surgery 20 months ago and still dealing with quality of life issues.
Just not sure which way to go with radiation.
Brachytherapy or EBRT?

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After tracking my PSA for 4 years as it varied in a range from 4 to 5.5, I had focal cryo surgery at the age of 58 performed during December 2005. I was diagnosed 9 months earlier via a 12 needle biopsy with 1 of 12 needles positive. Gleason 3+3, T1c and PSA of 5 at the time of diagnosis. PSA of 3.2 immediately before surgery. PSA of 1.4 3 months after surgery. The focal procedure addressed the right, base lateral portion of my prostate only. The left side of my prostate was not stressed. The worst part of the procedure was the foley catheter for 3 days. I was treated as an out-patient and it required no overnight hospitalization. I have suffered no mobidities. I will continue tracking my PSA to see if I have been cured. For my case I judged cryo as the best approach.

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Ok. I will. How are you taking the news? I know nothing of Cryptherapy unless it has alot of tears involved; been there done that. haha. I had Prostate cancer.

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