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hello again

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Hi everyone, i am still new to this website but i am looking for some advice and support. I was diagnosed 3 mo ago stage 3c grade 2
oc had a debulking sx in dec... no lymphnodes were involved but they did remove a small amount of bowel and omentum, ect. I wason taxol/carbo for 2 months and since my ca-125 didn't move and the fluid in my chest wall did not go away my ob.onc drained the fluid and had it analysed. He switched my chemo to doxil monthly because that came back fron the lab with the lowest resistance level. I was just wondering if anybody had been on this drug, what they experienced and if it worked for anyone???!!!

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Hi Sorella, Sorry you have to be a part of this board but glad you it. I have been on doxil, but as a 3rd line of treatment. I started on taxol/carbo, recurred then had topotecan, recurred then had doxil. It knocked my cancer back and gave me a short remission. the things to remember about doxil is follow the list of things to do to prefent hand-foot syndrym as that can get pretty bad. Will they give doxil by itself or with something else? I have only heard of first line with another drug.

Prayers for healing and complete cure coming your way.


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Joined: Feb 2006

hi bonnie, they are giving me the doxil alone. So far so good not too many side effects, not as bad as taxol/carbo! But i am taking precautions for the hand and foot syndrome. How long were you on doxil for? what drug are you currrently on? Prayers for you as well!!!!!!Nicole

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