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CAT scan

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I am off on my 3 hour trip in the morning for my scan, just hoping for some positive vibes, thanks Foxy.

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Sending you tons of good vibes and positive thoughts. Good luck.


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good luck!!!

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Hi Virginia.....tha worry never really stops does it gal? I am sure we all know how you are feeling and will be with you in our thoughts. There are plenty of vibe ripples coming across the tasman sea to yah Virginia.....just small ripples but no small matter for a kiwi friend. Be safe and return with clear scans.
huggs Ross and Jen

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Thanks to all of you, the worst part of tomorrow is the trip and then the cows will be at home waiting to be milked when we get back. With the clear scope I am hoping for the same results tomorrow, and then maybe they will deside that the elivated blood tests are my normal results. thank you all, and I will let you know when I hear any results, love Virginia.

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Must just add that today I feel totally back to normal since my scope, I am certain they gave me too much sedation.

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adding energy to those ripples from the Tasmanian
devil to make it a sunami...you will be clear/you will be clear.. Bud

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Oh my goodness - dairy cows! I am sure that you are not so thrilled as I am right now.....but I was an aggie in college....so cows make me very happy. When you feel okay, tell me about your dairy farm....... Wishing you the best scan possible - Maura
I know the type of work you and your husband undertake every day...all day. Above having cancer, you are a saint.

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Hi Maura, well we have what is considered a very small dairy unit here in New Zealand. It is 184 acres or 73 hectares---- don't know which one you go by! We milk about 130 friesian cows, they calve from June 10th onwards. We are in the proccess of drying them off at the moment, which is very early for us but we are in the middle of a huge drought. Not unusual for this part of the world. We have a 12 aside herringbone cow shed and about 40 paddocks. All our farm is in pasture with about a third being sandy rolling country and the rest peat flats. We raise just the A.I. dairy heifer calves the rest are sold at 4 days old. We normally have off farm grazing for our calves and rising 2 year heifers, but not this year. This is our 29th season and I am tired and hoping that Fred my husband will decide to call it quits soon and go to dry stock farming. He thinks we still have a few years milking left in us, but I do not agree, in 4 years time we will both be over 60 and I feel the time is right now to make the change. Email me if I have not given you what you were wanting to know, I am so attached to some of our girls it will be very hard to see them go when the time comes for the shift to dry stock but that is life. Some real special old girls will retire here with us of course! This is a bit of a funny subject to be talking about on a cancer survivers board, but makes a change anyway. Virginia.

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G'luck ((((((((virginia))))))))) Ron.

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Good vibes and tons of hugs!!!!!

Good luck,

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best of luck for a clear scan.
all the best

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Hi Foxy!!!
I hope things went well!!! Prayers and positive thoughts your way! Terri

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hey foxy: "good, good, vibrations coming at you"...hope you get real great news...

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Hi everyone thanks for all your replies. We are home safe and sound, everything went well, just have to get through the next week until I get the results, love Virginia.

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