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Hi, I had one last Tuesday, which was clear by the way. Today is my first day of feeling sort of normal, just wondering if anyone else has had a bad recovery from this test. The sedation knocked me for a six, it is the first time after many colos this has happened to me, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? I have felt really shakey in the belly as if I was going to fall to bits. Thanks Virginia.

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Gosh, haven't had that reaction to the colonoscopy.....just out of it for the afternoon. But do be pleased with the fact that you had a clear test. Sometimes, we forget to celebrate our victories. This is major!!! I know that every little ache or pain worries us and the thought of not bouncing back may be causing you anguish.....but don't forget how pretty the pics were of your intestines......clean and clear. That is awesome!! Maybe the anesthesia knocked your system for a loop this time....or maybe you were wound up about the test itself and your body was telling you that it needed some down-time. You might even call your gastro to speak about it.
Do take care, I hope you are feeling better - and congrats!! - Maura

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hi foxy,
glad to here you were clean and clear. the only time i had a problem was after i had the colon resected the next colo i had so much gas i tossed my cookies. i called the gastro and he said the next time he would give my something for the nausea anf he did and everything went fine.
all the best

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My first colonoscopy was last week and like you the sedation knocked me for a bit. But I enjoyed the calm after coming around. I didn't have an upset stomach but I did see some blood he checked the bottom half for me and said everything looked cleared. (I have a colostmy)

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G'day Virginia,
I'm glad your scope was all clear, I've had seven scopes in the last eight years,starting to wonder if someone lost something in there. My last one was the worst, apart from the polyp they removed I woke up feeling quite crook. My GE was a bit alarmed and sent me for blood tests on the way home. I had elevated levels of billirubin. Probable cause was a suspected trapped stone in the billiary duct probably freed up by the prep which acts as a liver clenser. Took a week or so to return to normal ,cheers Ron.

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this is another procedure that can be done w/o sedation...I have had 3; all without conscious sedation, and get to watch it on the monitor. Only mild discomfort, and no after effects. Nanuk

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Hi Nanuk, every other colonoscopy I have had during the last 12 years I have been fine, and I watched them all on the screen, maybe all my problems are down to just too much sedation this time. I do not even remember seeing the monitor at all. Foxy.

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