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Cutaneous Tcell Lymphoma

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My brother is 29 and has been diagnosed with cutaneous T cell Lymphoma. His doctor told him it is fairly rare. I'm looking for others who've battled this disease because I'm curious about their treatments. My brother has been taking chemo pills, and has tried a round of intravenous chemo, but the cancer has not diminished. I would appreciate if anyone in a similar situation could share their story with me. Thank you so much.

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You could also try the Leucemia and Lymphoma Society website at www.lls.org and this webpage www.cancergen.com/lymphoma

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My son is 21 and has T cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, they do say the t cell is the rarer form....we would love to talk to you and see what the similarities could be in treatment....

Mom to Chad

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Hi! What sort of treatment is your son undergoing? My brother's cancer is of the skin...how about your son's?

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